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CoHost of the special series on Women in Business Leader Roles, Boise-based

Lynn Schmidt, PhD


Dr. Lynn Schmidt

Award-Winning Author, 
Intl Keynote Speaker, 
Executive Coach, 
Leadership Consultant

29 March- REMARKS

Dr. Lynn Schmidt

That’s how one participant, Annalieza Landa ~ The Values Differentiator, described the conversation we had during the final episode of the Women’s History Month Mastermind series.

Each participant shared personal experiences and tips for how to challenge sexism, champion women’s rights, and create equality. Take a listen to the conversation and share it with others as a way to educate and enlist support.

While Women’s History Month is coming to a close, our focus on the sexism, microaggression, discrimination, harassment, and violence that women and girls experience must continue. It’s up to every single person to take actions that will make the world a safe and equitable place for women and girls.

Thank you to Edwin B Cohen for hosting this series of conversations. I enjoyed co-hosting with Ed. A big thank you to the global participants for taking taking a stand for women’s rights and being Antisexist:

Yvonne Quahe – Washington DC, United States
Natalie Forest, Ph.D. – Hamburg, Germany
🧠 Sandra Corona – Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Adriana Fuentes Díaz – Mexico City
Robert Baker – England
Tineke Rensen – The Netherlands
Annette Dernick – Peace creates value – Cologne/Bonn, Germany
Gary Saenger – Los Angeles, California, United States
Michael Gates – Espoo, Helsinki, Finland
Annalieza Landa ~ The Values Differentiator – Hessle, England

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Ed Cohen, Developer & Host

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Bring business people together from across time/space, borders/cultures, industries/silos, and from across generations to be introduced, learn, share ideas, become connected by being in my GlobalMeetingRoom and on GlobalTVtalkshow.

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Natalie Forest PhD

Revolutionary Rule Breaker Helping doctors reconnect heart with head opening a path to a fulfilled life with a practical, hands on strategies.

Hamburg, Germany

Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Gary Saenger

Recognized as an expert in RETAINED EXECUTIVE SEARCH

“Demand for senior executives is high; the supply is lower”

Specialties: Executive Recruiting $100K+ Positions

Los Angeles

We are Kestria, the world’s largest executive search alliance. Fluent in finding leaders.


Yvonne Quahe

World Bank Family Network, World Bank Group

Program Advisor, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach;                                      

Author: Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours?   


Profile photo of Yvonne Quahe

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WHOSE CAREER IS IT?  A gift to couples who want to think generatively, productively, deliberately about their future careers together – Samantha Rockey – Associate Fellow, SAID Business School, Oxford.

Negotiate your mountains with CARE

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Sandra Corona

Saudi Arabia

I’m a Values and Beliefs Researcher Speaker I mentor Expatriates and future Leaders decode emotions, and manage behaviors one belief at a time I empower professionals to build Performative Authentic Minds.

* Cultural Blurred lines
* Neurodiverse does not equal incompetence
* Talk about how to contact me for Cultural Alliance Sensitivity Training, Build Confidence and Social Skills to reach your potential, Stoic Leadership Thoughts in Coaching for a deeper communication, connection and purpose, & Expatriate Leadership Coaching
* Empathy killers in Groups, Social Interactions and 1:1 partnerships
* Learn the signs of a disengaged and disconnected team before it’s too late

Michael Gates 

Managing Director and Owner at Michael Gates CrossCulture;

Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Helsinki, Finland

Michael Gates

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Michael Gates

Robert Baker

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Profile photo of Robert Baker


CEO, Potentia Talent Consulting

D&I Strategist at European Women on Boards

Non-Exec Director at Spktral and Talupp

I left Mercer in January 2020, after 42 years with the firm, to start my “Next Stage” portfolio career.

I have set up my own consulting business: Potentia Talent Consulting Limited and am advising a number of companies on their approach to the D&I market.

I am also focussing on how to help individuals and organisations realise the full potential of their talent, through leadership development, coaching and team building.

My last role at Mercer was as Leader of Diversity & Inclusion Consulting for the International Region.

Prior to that, I spent some 15 years as a Global Client Relationship Director, managing and developing a number of large multinational clients across all Mercer’s lines of business and geographies.

I also spent 20 years in Mercer’s investment consulting business, helping build its European presence and developing its investment consulting services for multinational companies.

I have a strong interest in equality, diversity and inclusion: I am past Co-President of PWN Global, a leading gender balance network and I have extensive experience in getting men engaged in supporting gender equality.

I am also a Trustee of One Loud Voice for Women and the Sister Sister Global Network as part of my efforts to support gender equality. I was selected by Management Today as an Agent of Change 2019, for my work in advancing gender balance.

I was also elected as a Companion to the Chartered Management Institute, in recognition of the contribution I have made and continue to make to the future of leadership and management. I have been appointed “Disruptor in Residence” in Diversity & Inclusion at EDHEC Business School. I am a Non Executive Director of Spktral, the pay gap analysis specialists. I am also the Investor Director at Talupp, the leading AI driven, experiential talent development platform.

Additionally, I am a Director of Aspierations CIC, which aims to help people with Asperger Syndrome or high functioning autism achieve employment and develop fulfilling careers. I have spoken at many conferences and facilitated numerous events on a range of topics from the future of work, leadership development, diversity, equity & inclusion, purpose and wellbeing and longevity. I have also written many articles and posts on these topics.

Adriana Fuentes 

Directora de Cuentas Marketing-Publicidad- RRPP

Mexico City

1) The challenges of Women in the workplace and corporate world 

2) How Women achieve all our goals and dreams in life

#womenleaders #strongwomen #leadership #leadershipquotes  

Annette Dernick

Cologne, Germany

Background Image

Love & Peace in Companies
Speaker, Coach, Autorin
Dipl.-Kfm., Supervisorin (ausgebildet nach DGSv-Standard)
Coaching of international project teams; executive coaching; coaching of teams; coaching of – project- managers; coaching of project teams; intercultural competence; moderation of meetings of – international – teams
Rodderweg 181, 50321 Brühl
Tel.: 49 2232 157601  Mobil: +49 172 8737094

Annalieza Landa

Hull, EnglandAnnalieza Landa ~ The Values Differentiator - CEO - Make Your Marque Ltd | LinkedIn

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Speaker, Activist, Values Evangelist 
Coach & Business Consultant 
Helping people to thrive thru’ aligned values practice & ethical leadership 
‘A Show of Values’ Video & Audio Show 
Values Cards, Gifts, Office Decor

Values are the glue that hold the fabric together, but all around us we see the fabric unravelling – in our nation, businesses, relationships, communities. It’s time to choose values proficiency over values deficiency. Values proficiency drives down costs and accelerates growth. Values deficiency drives stagnation, lost motivation and damaged reputation. Costs increase. Would you not choose an easier life over trouble and strife?


My framework helps build and bring to life your unique Values Differentiator™️, your brand’s DNA.

Tineke Rensen

Rotterdam and The Hague

Tineke Rensen

Working with female and male leaders in businesses.

Creating awareness/change on gender-gap issue.

Women should NOT learn masculine strategies to become successful.

Businesses should embrace the feminine too, to thrive



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