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Edwin B Cohen
Editor, GlobalBusinessNews;
Host, GlobalTV/Radio
4562 audience Jan’23;
213,965 since Jan’20;
543,424 since Jan’15.
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Ready for a nice new X?
MARCH is the 3rd anniversary since launching GLOBALTVtalkshow.com following the pandemic-caused crash/burn of our 30-year LIVE event & conference business.
So therefore, now I invite you to experience absolutely positive globalPR™ … yes, you will receive a 1:1 Executive interview for about 20 minutes on pre-agreed topics for your comfort, your convenience.

Yes, it’s all about your brand and its uniqueness; it’s values and it’s culture.

Simply, in my role as Host I will ask you to consider talking with me for a few minutes during the 1:1 about a specific event… yes, tell me actual history… yes, identify how 1 customer used your service/product; yes, describe what specific benefits they told you they experienced or derived from using your brand/product.
I invite you to use my audience to augment your audience. I call this process COMARKETING™.

You tell me a story; the world will listen to you talk about it… for many days, weeks, and months following the original production date.

In my role as 1:1 product Developer, Producer and Broadcaster, I will host sponsor the program on GLOBALTVtalkshow™ and also across our extensive network, US/global for 12months+. Audience reach will easily exceed 100,000.

No worries: I will “media prep” you so that you will be prepared, you will be “camera-ready”.

When we are done… I will send you the program-link for your own usage (forever).

Low price
High + Broad + Deep marketplace awareness
Long-term value-add

DM here … or txt/vm via (+1) 619.787.3100

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on production quality + media-prep service and guidance™. Really.

Our customers also receive free adspace for 6 months following the broadcast date.
Yes, at absolutely no extra cost to you we will publish your logo-linked message on GlobalTVtalkshow.com along with publishing the 1:1 Executive interview … the world will be watching.

Reach me… let’s discuss today.
Thanks for reading this.