WINNER ! Chestnut Global Partners + Caterpillar Inc. win BEST Vendor Partnership

FEM 2012 EMMA Awards

Chestnut Global Partners LLC, currently provides services to more than 80 employer groups throughout the world.
Bloomington IL, September 21, 2012—

Chestnut Global Partners along with their customer Caterpillar Inc. have won the Best Vendor Partnership at Expatriate Management’s 2012 EMMA awards. The award was announced Thursday September 13 by the Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) annual Global Mobility Summit held at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas.

The Best Vendor Partnership award recognizes the joint effort of Chestnut Global Partners and Caterpillar to create an innovative International Assistance Program (IAP) for Caterpillar’s 1,000+ global expatriate families. The IAP provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to support the social, emotional and workplace needs of expatriates and their families.

Caterpillar Inc. and their provider of global Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)- Chestnut Global Partners (CGP)- have engaged in a unique partnership that has led to the direct support of thousands of families around the world. They have also demonstrated how two organizations can partner in order to make a significant advancement in the area of global mobility.

While most globally mobile employees perform well and describe their experience in favorable terms, it is commonly accepted that the personal strain placed on employees and families during an international relocation is one of the leading causes of suboptimal performance, dissatisfaction, and “failed assignments”. The IAP supports the natural and expectable stresses an expatriate must deal with while on assignment.

About Chestnut Global Partners
Chestnut Global Partners, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chestnut Health Systems, Inc. an Illinois non-profit of Bloomington. Chestnut Global Partners offers a full range of employee assistance and workplace services to both domestic and multi-national companies, including employee assistance programs, on-line assistance, work/life services, and employer services such as critical incident intervention, management training and coaching, and emotional intelligence programs.

Chestnut currently provides services to more than 80 employer groups throughout the world.

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