Tom Hanson, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for GLOBAL LT

Tom Hanson is the Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for GLOBAL LT. Tom has worked in Seville, Spain, studying Spanish prior to his employment with Global LT. He has a Bachelor degree from Central Michigan and has worked in the translaon, interpretation and language industry for over 20‐years. Tom is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and development of the Global LT sales force and he oversees a multi‐cultural sales team with representaves residing throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

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Global LT is a world class service provider of LanguageCultural TrainingTranslation, and Expatriate Destination services, as well as our new Workforce Learning and Leadership programs for Human Resource executives and Mobility companies. Our streamlined process assures our clients of a job well done, for corporations of any size, big or small.

Does your corporation have the right skills to lead on a global level? Global LT has set a standard in the industry as aneducation and training company. Allow our international team to raise your employees’ communication performance to new heights. Global opportunities are abundant if you have the right skills. Does your team have what it takes?

Global LT experts give you one on one service recommendations that will guide you through the challenges of today so you can stand out in the global marketplace. Being global is where it’s at, and we will help you get there! Not sure what you need? Our trained sales team has a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. They can guide you step by step on challenges, solutions and programs that will directly benefit your organization immediately! Contact us today to learn more about our international distance learningweb based and/or instructor based training.