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Tineke Rensen

Tineke Rensen

Working with female and male leaders in businesses.

Creating awareness/change on gender-gap issue.

Women should NOT learn masculine strategies to become successful.

Businesses should embrace the feminine too, to thrive

Rotterdam and The Hague

Do you prefer a time-block schedule or a simple to-do list, it is a question I was asked? What is it for you? I like a to-do list, and I also want to dedicate some fixed time blocks in my calendar, so there is structure and flexibility.

I do not believe in too much structure since it blocks the human mind and potential to live in the moment and make in-the-moment decisions.

So my To-Do list is always flexible.

I look at it and decide what I want to do now according to criteria such as:

• What do I feel like doing now?
• For what do I have time now?
• What task will make the most significant difference if I do that now?
• How would I feel when the task is done?
• Where is the deadline approaching?

For creativity, intuition and manifestation to be part of your business model, you cannot be too organized and fixed.

That leans towards control, and it is the opposite of creativity.

There has to be space for the unexpected to step in when it knocks on your door and for you to feel, “what is the right thing to know”.

Because in the moment:
• This is where manifestation and creation are around the corner.
• It is where coincidences arise.
• It is where you feel happy with what you are doing.
• There are no worries and thoughts; there is just doing and being.

And that is a wonderful combination; Doing and being.

Coming from a fiercely, straightforward, successful businesswoman, growing into the divine feminine way of operating my business is a rollercoaster and transformational process.

Thank god I have friends who understand the process I am in. And I have a spiritual business transformation coach. I had no idea what ship I embarked on when I started working with her.
All I thought was that I was going to learn about the law of attraction to scale and grow my business and meet my targets.

The law of attraction is not about asking, and you’ll receive. It is about asking and seeing where and how you need to be a different person to receive the things you want in life.

It is all about you and who you truly are.

Without most of the past things learned and personally experienced on how business has to be done.

Contact me if you want to know more about running you

Alexander Langhans

CEO at Visumpoint GmbH

visumPOINT logo Website:


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VISUMPOINT – We make complicated things simple. 

Visumpoint is a family-run company that successfully offers visa procurement all over the world with a team of competent and motivated employees and over 20 years of service experience. 

Our philosophy: customer proximity, speed, flexibility, reliability, has given us a loyal customer base that includes leading industrial and travel companies. 

Our headquarters in the heart of Berlin is close to 175 embassies from all over the world. We don’t shy away from any extra effort and personal commitment to get you your visa successfully and as quickly as possible. 

Thanks to our close relationships with the consulates, we often make the impossible possible. 

Where others give up, we really get going!

Thanks to our expertise in IT, we offer online order tracking and email notification. 

For intensive users of our service, we implement a company-specific online order management system for your visa orders free of charge, which you can also use to bill via AirPlus. 

Our IT experts will be happy to adapt the site to your requirements and maintain the site for you. We have a diverse presence on social media. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. 

Here we regularly inform you about current closing times of embassies and consulates, about changes in visa regulations and about important events in target countries (e.g. public holidays, civil unrest) that could be relevant for you when planning your employees’ travel:

Visumpoint newsletter: Visumpoint on YouTube: Visumpoint on Facebook: Visumpoint on Twitter: Visumpoint GmbH Bänschstraße 30 10247 Berlin Tel.: 030 4202 5880 Free hotline: 0800 224 2222 Fax: 030 420 2588 3 E-mail: Website:











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