Sue Johnson, Head of Gender Balance and Diversity, Nestlé Group, Nestlé Corporation

Sue Johnson is the founder and President of the International Dual Career Network Association, linking over 70 Multinationals together to “give insight into the rules of the game” and provide visibility on job availability to international spouses of employees. This programme is being rolled out globally, following the successful launch in the Lake Geneva region, Switzerland in 2011.

Sue started her career in Supply Chain with a UK Retailer, gaining experience in Distribution and Logistics before moving to Nestlé 14 years ago. After spending 9 years in the UK where her last role was head of Supply Chain for the Food Service business, she moved to the world headquarters in Switzerland to head up the Customer Service and Collaboration function, where she launched the Customer Facing Supply Chain strategy, where Customers improved their ranking of Nestlé’s Customer collaboration vs other Competitors from the middle to top 3 ranking.

Nestlé started their Diversity journey in Gender Balance in 2008, and Sue is responsible for improving the Gender Balance of market leadership teams through understanding and managing the non linear careers of today’s workforce effectively.

Key focus areas include:

  • senior mentoring programmes,
  • flexible working,
  • awareness, and
  • training programmes and mobility.