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Zavahir Dastoor
Zavahir Dastoor• FollowingCapability Development and Performance Coach/ Senior Consultant – Leadership & Talent Development/ Organizational Development & Change Management/ HR Sustainability/ Strategy Execution Management

5 hours ago

Leadership is a way of life however, a tireless job. Thankless too, similarly like teaching and training though, there is a thin line of difference between these professions.

Instinctively, leaders know what they stand for in life. The one attribute that makes admired leaders a cut above the rest, is their intentional focus on the power of being values -driven.

🎇Intentions and values are very powerful and form the core ethos for these leaders who have a high impact and influence on their people.

🎇Even without recognizing they are doing so, leaders’ base decisions on their values all of the time. But there is a marked difference between knowing your values and becoming a values-driven leader.

🎇In our experience, the best leaders are values-driven in everything they do. When these leaders make values as their bedrock of intentions and take inspired actions, they create an unshakeable impact on business and an everlasting impression their people.

🎇When values are thought as guiding paths for taking decisions, these leaders, are able to shift identities and behaviours towards optimism, accountability and trust.

🎇These purpose-driven and values-centric leaders don’t lead for the name, recognition, fame, acknowledgment, or even thanks. Are you’re likely to be deeply disappointed?

🙏True leaders lead because they want to make people and situations better.

🙋‍♂️Leadership is an unspeakable privilege. To positively influence the lives of others through leadership is nearly divine. Nothing else compares.

🔮So, the next time you are offered that hefty compensation as a new leader, remember that the biggest components of your emolument are admiration, praise, love and respect.

💸Money always is secondary, in essence “leaders don’t get paid in cash.”

🙋‍♂️The best of leaders resonate with what Bob Dylan meant when he wrote: 🗣️️ “You’ll find out when you reach the top, you’re on the bottom.”

🔥When you turn 📓values into everyday companions you excel the bar of leadership.

How does leadership in your organization demonstrate admiration, values-centricity and compassion for their people?

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Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis• 2ndHelping businesses achieve their vision through deliberate strategic planning and guided execution; Veteran

2 hours ago

Even a brilliant strategic plan is meaningless if you don’t use it.

MIT Senior Lecturer and Researcher Don Sull told Harvard Business Review that 40 percent of business leaders cited failure to align as the greatest challenge to executing company strategy, with failure to coordinate across units a close second with 30 percent.

It is universally accepted that businesses perform better when they have and execute a strategic plan—the better the strategy and execution, the better the chances for success.

This hinges entirely on execution.

You cannot get the right things done if you don’t align your organization around the shared vision that exploits your competitive advantage.

Your focus should be on execution.

We have a framework that makes the execution of a strategy a known process—something you can see and measure.

No guesswork. You’ll see the execution and the data to support it.

Then you can implement the normal functions of the strategic planning process, which includes analyzing results and using them to build new or refine existing objectives. This helps you know what is and what isn’t working.

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