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“Every company I talk with is working on internal mobility, career pathways, job redesign, and employee-driven productivity improvements.  It’s not at all about “quiet hiring” – more about “making work better” and constantly improving productivity.”

Josh Bersin

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introducing today’s


Matthias Krüger

Executive Board Director at EAEF
Employee Assistance European Forum
EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum) logo


Profile photo of Matthias Krügerüger-a74448a7

Do you appreciate clear words? 

Like directness, working solutions and looking for something tangible? 

Then we’re a good match!

I work as a psychological coach and speaker in north German-fresh Hamburg with clients from all German-speaking countries.

I was born in Lübeck in the mid-1970s and am enthusiastic about freelance work. As a coach and speaker, I have specialized in the fields of work and career. I developed my professional identity mainly during my studies in communication psychology (FH) and adult education (MA). I appreciate the dialogue with other people and meet them with benevolent curiosity.

Matthias Krüger – Coach & Speaker

Tineke Rensen


Background Image

                               𝓓𝓸 𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓻𝓮𝓬𝓸𝓰𝓷𝓲𝔃𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼?

As a woman in business, you might:
> feel overwhelmed by the expectations that you should have all the answers in your business;
> feel the pressure of making decisions and sometimes feel lost in deciding what’s the best approach;
> feel you never have enough time to work ON your business;
> love what you do, and you want to make a significant impact, and somehow that is not going fast enough
> don’t have the right strategy to grow your business;
> might be feeling insecure about outsourcing or hiring people, while you know that you won’t be able to get there on your own;
> you think that you might lose control when your business starts growing too big;
> feel your company is too small when larger companies contact you to collaborate or partner.

If you have any of these thoughts – it’s time to talk and take action!

𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓪𝓶 𝓘?

I’m Tineke, from the Netherlands. I’m a business mentor and trainer focused on helping business women grow their businesses 2x, 5x, 10x; you decide the limit!
I have over 30 years of experience running businesses. I successfully sold an international business after 22 years, and today I run “Powerful Business Women’s Club”, an exclusive club for businesswomen (turnover €100k and above).

Dave Levine


Dave Levine

click logo

I help wellness-oriented firms grow and prosper.

I started my career focused on counseling and addictions treatment, and shifted to operational roles managing provider networks and call center/UR services, before finding my calling on the customer side of the business in marketing, sales, and account services.

I helped push the evolution of workplace-based employee support services and for the past 12 years I have worked to migrate behavioral health and wellness from US-focused delivery to serve multinational employers.

EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum) logo Employee Assistance

European Forum

APEAR (Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable) logo

AsiaPacific Employee

Assistance Roundtable

Profile photo of Michael PikerMichael Piker


Global HR Executive, Total Rewards, DE&I

Talent Mobility, People Analytics

HR Operations/Technology, HR Consultant  

Michael will discuss

-2023 economic forecast

-how DE&I and Reward are converging

-how ESG is evolving for public companies

Flutter Entertainment Plc logo

Flutter Entertainment plc

Flutter is a global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider for over 18 million customers worldwide and the parent company of leading global consumer brands such as FanDuel, Sky Betting & Gaming, Paddy Power, PokerStars, Betfair, Sportsbet, Tombola, TVG, Adjarabet and Sisal.  Our vision is to be the global leader in online sports betting and gaming by providing a vibrant and safe sports betting and gaming experience to our customers around the world. 

Gary Saenger


Executive Recruiting $100K+ Positions

Owner,  Saenger Associates / Kestria USA

Los Angeles

Gary L. Saenger is Founder and President of Saenger Associates. His combined business vision of quality and commitment, with the zest of an entrepreneur, is the driving force of the firm.

At the founding, he brought with him many years of experience in executive recruiting and management consulting as President and Executive Vice President for top firms in the field.

Previously he held senior management positions with Security Pacific Corporation, Citibank and American Hospital Supply Corporation.

Saenger Associates logo

We specialize in high quality, executive placements for the long-term success of our clients.

We work with companies who set demanding requirements when launching a candidate search.

We are a proud representative of Kestria, the world’s largest alliance of boutique executive search firms in ‘country’. Kestria’s reach currently spans 40+ countries and 90+ cities and counting.

What sets us apart is our shared entrepreneurial spirit and drive to deliver excellence in executive search.

Wherever the location, whatever the industry, we provide you with consistent first-class service.

With globe-spanning connections and local knowledge you have a single point of contact for your international and local search requirements.

We recognize that every search has differing requirements and tailor our approach to fit your needs.

We’ve successfully completed 40,000+ searches for over 4,000 clients, serving everyone from game-changing start-ups to major global players. 50+ nationalities, 40+ languages spoken and 52% female-led businesses.

This diversity enriches our awareness of cultural differences – and means we have every imaginable base covered with regards to industry, region and size of company.

Find out more on

Mark Colo

St George, Utah


MEDICAL-TVtalkshow presents

Mark Colo

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CEO – HomeEssentials, HongKong – now setting-up in Ukraine

read more here

Home Essentials has acquired the production capacity of a mattress factory in Kremenets

in the Ternopil region of Ukraine and plans to expand manufacturing capability

to provide its own brand of quality mattresses

to refugees displaced by the war.

Diagram Description automatically generated

Christopher Exline

Chief Executive

Home Essentials

Kremenets, Madrid, Hong Kong


(7 January 23)
Memo from Chris Exline.
Most Ukrainians celebrate Christmas today.
This photo taken this morning of the Kremenets Castle stands in stark contrast to the darkness of the one before. No alternative text description for this image
While it is often unwise to extrapolate signs from the every day, this Rainbow, sunrise, & warmth enlivens us all. It aligns with the belief that Christmas is a sign itself of hope and promise. An affirmation that we are not alone when we have each other, AND when we have faith.

A faith beyond our understanding – a faith in Something / Someone greater than ourselves. This faith does not engender a succession of struggles, but surges our resolve to persevere.

Yet, with this faith that is easier to recite than recount, how do we reconcile this to the families of the 250,000 lost in the battle or even 3 of those closest to me waging war with cancer (Joplin, HK, Singapore). I cannot explain why such pain, injustice, and evil exists, but we do have hope.

Without the prospect of Something greater we are simply without.

So, I see the sign as one of a promise of and for restoration!

Let us stay together in encouraging each other as we, in unison with Ukraine, wish again for a Merry Christmas.

UKRAINE  Recovery +Reconstruction +Modernization

… Digital +Energy +Agriculture

Sandrine Bardot


Sandrine Bardot

Sandrine Bardot

Multiple award-winning Total Rewards expert for Middle East and Asia

Board / NRC Adviser

C&B consultant, trainer, coach

Profile photo of Yvonne QuaheYvonne Quahe


Trainer, Facilitator, Coach


A gift to couples who want to think generatively, productively
and deliberately about their future careers together –
Samantha Rockey
Associate Fellow, SAID Business School
Oxford University

 #dualcareer, #couplesgoals, #careerdevelopment, #conversationsthatmatter

World Bank Group Family Network logoWorld Bank Group Family Network is the organization of the spouses and partners of World Bank Group (WBG) staff members; the support network for WBG families: a “home away.  WBFN has approximately 6,000 members, many of whom volunteer their time and effort to help organize and run our activities and events. An Executive Committee (EC) of about 10-12 volunteers governs the organization, together with the support of three Bank staff (one Coordinator and two Program Assistants) and short-term consultants as needed.

WBFN recognizes that families in transition are best helped by other families who have gone through similar experiences.

WBFN shares helpful relocation information with members in both the Washington DC area and abroad, and establishes a supportive network through social, cultural, educational and advocacy programs.

James Moss

Profile photo of James MossNew York: +1 917 755 4788   

 London: +44 7956 135 132


“ is the worlds’ first “Pay-As-You-Go” Global Mobile Relocation App and Platform”.

You Only Pay For What You Need. Customer completely controls their own budget and spend.

It is perfect for Lump Sum assignees.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Technology gives a fantastic user experience and entire on your mobile phone. No email!

Massive Savings. Up to 80% saving on conventional corporate relocation fees as a result of our expert ReloAdvisor remote support, combined with technology.

Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, a first in the relocation industry!  A statement of total confidence and belief in our service and delivery.

Emily Bron

International Lifestyle Consultant


Profile photo of Emily Bron

Guiding Remote Workers and Professional Baby Boomers to Find Freedom, a Dream Location for Relocation Abroad and taking-out the Hassle for Remote Workers + Families

Lets connect?

“Emily’s current business interests are in the development and investments to the existing and new emerging English speaking expats, eco- wellness and Intentional living communities in Europe and Latin America.”

Annette Dernick

Profile photo of Annette Dernick - Peace paysMy goal is to prepare you and your company very well for the future. Together we can bring more peace and efficiency into your daily work.

Due to changes in companies and workplaces new challenges occur. How do you deal with them?

Let me support you in implementing a constructive and positive work culture in order to resolve conflicts and challenges effectively.

Goal-oriented and with empathy, we increase commitment, creativity and the quality of work, in the team and at management level.

The quality of communication determines the success of a company. The inner attitude is crucial for the quality of collaboration and so also essential for effective work. Respectful and peaceful cooperation is the basis for success.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Andrew Elliman



Head of European Business Development

AGS Relocation

The AGS Philosophy is simple: to design corporate relocation services revolving around our customers. AGS provides a wide range of global mobility services to multinational organisations with expert international relocation services, tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Owner of Stranger Expeditions; Adventurer; Motivational Speaker