STEVE CADIGAN LinkedIn’s First Chief HR Officer

Future of Work Obsessed, Board Member, Teacher & Author

August 2021:

I have published my first book: Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working.

The aim of this book is to help build a better model for the future of work that inspires both employers and employees.

Workquake is a counter-narrative to the “run for the hills the robots are coming, and your job is toast!”

It’s a book about how being more human has never been more critical and about how companies can create a more honest and realistic contract with employees.


I work with individuals and organizations to forge dynamic and compelling talent solutions for today’s digital reality. Some would say I am a “talent hacker” as I help envision unique and creative approaches to inspire success in individuals, teams and organizations.

My passion and expertise are in these core areas: the future of work, turning culture into a competitive advantage, attracting world-class talent, and the future of leadership.

I regularly present as a keynote speaker to conferences, organizations, and universities around the world.

Companies, Investment Firms, VC’s & Education Institutions I have spent time helping and offering advice to include: Manchester United Football Club, WeWork, McKinsey Consulting, World Wildlife Federation, Kellogg’s, Square, Airbnb, Salesforce, Cisco, Blue Jean Networks, Nimble Storage, Twitter, Simppler, QuickMobile, RentMoola, Gild, Slate Advisers, Nomaders, Chegg, BetterWorks, OpenTable, Thames Water, the BBC, GoodData, Shutterfly, Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, Andreessen-Horowitz,, RocketFuel, Marketo, Georgetown University, Stanford University GSB, Brigham Young University, Ivey School of Business-Asia, University of Sydney Business School, Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet, University Nevada-Las Vegas, University Nevada-Reno, Spain Tech Center, KudosKorner, Wavelength, Talent Sky, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Jovenes con futuro, DataCycles, Infusionsoft, Manos Accelerator, Capital One (Int’l), Royal Bank of Scotland, Deloitte(UK), and numerous teams in stealth mode working on exciting new talent solutions.

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