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Hello Edwin!

You recently asked to interview Dr. Nancy Wiley!

Here is some open availability from her: August 16th | September 16th | September 26th, 27th, 28th or 30th.

Let me know if any of those dates work, and what times.



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Divine Trust

A Practical Guide to End Suffering and Find Your Way Home

By Dr. Nancy Wiley


Dr. Nancy Wiley’s Simple Method to Deepening Your Trust in the Universe’s Orchestrating Power…to Eliminate Worry, Increase Your Sense of Safety and Perceive The Benevolent Divine Intention Behind Every Circumstance


Living Without Suffering is Achievable!

How lovely would it be to always feel that you are protected, safe, loved and that everything is unfolding to support you?

There wouldn’t be any worry, anger, frustration, misery, guilt, shame or any of the other negative emotions, suffering and mind loops that disturb your sense of peace, gratitude, success, wonder and love. Having a permanent, ultimate safety net is a delicious concept!

And one that you can have right now!

That’s the message and the method in Dr. Nancy Wiley’s gem of a book, Divine Trust, A Practical Guide to End Suffering and Find Your Way Home. By surrendering to Divine Trust, you can weather any or all of life’s storms with a peaceful grace that helps you over the peaking waves, and the knowledge that you are held in divine hands—that everything is happening for you, or at least for a reason that will reveal itself to strengthen or awaken you.

But even IF you are aware of this concept—how do you get there? How do you stop trying to control everything and surrender into or embody Divine Trust? That’s where this book comes into play. Dr. Nancy gives some simple strategies that enable you to embrace your Divine Trust and to be receptive to the messages that are yours to hear in that open state.

Dr. Nancy has lived in this state for many years, but the urgency of sharing this message accelerated for her in February, 2018. A highly respected orthodontist in Florida, the shocking loss from the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland – including one of her patients and others close to her and in the community—made her realize that in the depth of their grief, a Divine Trust could help her community ease their pain and suffering. Acceptance and surrender to Divine Trust, even in the face of something seemingly horrific, can provide greater or even profound peace. It’s an accelerated path to healing.

Trusting the Divine Power during challenging or even peaceful times, enables people to “Snap Back to their original Essence, knowing without a doubt they are Presence.” (Divine Spirit). “Sitting in Divine Trust takes me home every time,” says Dr. Nancy. More importantly, she has achieved the state of living without suffering and can guide you there as well!

With a foreword by luminary Marci Shimoff, Divine Trust is a guide to “Snap Back” as Dr. Nancy says, into your recognition as part of the Divine Presence, afloat in the vast Sea of Awareness.

Raised in a very traditional Catholic home, a sociology of religion class in college soured Nancy on faith, maintaining there was no God. It was only when she was at Columbia University in a combined dental/medical course that she suddenly saw the workings of God (or a Divine Intelligence) in the complexity and elegance of the human anatomy, that she experienced an epiphany—her personal “Snap Back.”

That drove her to seek more, to begin a life-long meditation practice, and study with various teachers in a variety of disciplines including Reiki, Feng Shui, Spring Forest Qigong and more. Now having left her orthodontic practice after 27 years, she has dedicated herself to igniting a massive shift in human consciousness, using Divine Trust as the cornerstone.

If you would like to interview Dr. Nancy Wiley about Divine Trust, A Practical Guide to End Suffering and Find Your Way Home, and the peace and comfort it bringsplease send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details

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