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Wayne Nelsen
Wayne Nelsen•  President at Keyne Insight

It always conjures up the image of the slick, gold-toothed, plaid sports coat-wearing used car salesman.
Talk about bias!
But, in selling today, that image is far from the truth.

In whatever we do for a living or in life in general, most believe that we don’t sell anything to anybody, but is this accurate?

“According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in nine Americans works in what we know and experience as traditional sales. Dig a bit deeper, and a startling truth emerges: so do the other eight people.

In reality, nine out of every ten people work in some capacity in their job selling.

Whether we’re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funding organizations, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others.

Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.” This is from Daniel H. Pink’s 2012 classic book, “To Sell is Human” The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.

Pink was right ten years ago, and he’s still right today, maybe even more so, as selling is about having influence.

Most of us spend a good portion of our day trying to influence or move others–to win them over to our point of view.

If we were to assess each of our days, breaking them down into the major activities we’ve done, most of us would find that we spend an extraordinary amount of time, in some form, selling to others.

We are all truly salespeople.

John Maxwell additionally shared that “leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It’s about one life influencing another”. This is where we all connect to and identify with selling. 100% in the fold, we sell every day.

We may not earn a commission when doing it, but somewhere in the equation, we receive a benefit that doesn’t stop just with us. It continues through our families, the companies we work for, and other beneficiaries, too numerous to mention.

Can we now accept the fact that we are salespeople and that we do sell?

How do you sell daily in what you do, and how successful are you doing it?

Let us know.

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