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• Define Unconscious Bias

• Lean the science behind Unconscious Bias

• Discuss the role of culture in Bias

• Visit the relation between perceptions and unconscious Bias

• Get educated on how to fight bias

• Learn solutions to overcome bias Stereotypes

As we deal with a complex world, we make assumptions… an inbuilt function of our brain of preconceived ideas; helps us quickly make sense of the world around us.

The problem with this is that most of these assumptions turn out to be wrong and misleading to the point that they can actually hinder our judgment and decision making

What to do

• Challenge our own stereotypes with stereotype replacement

• Learn to use counter stereotype imaging strategy not only replaces existing stereotypes but injects positive-based biases, which challenge the current bias we have

• Integrate empathy to better connect, collaborate and improve overall engagement across the company’s culture.



Diversity, Global Leadership, Personal Transformation; Speaker/ Consultant

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SAHAR has lived, worked and been educated in 7 countries, 3 continents;

speaks 5 languages;

holds a Double Bachelor of Medicine, and Surgery;

Major in Psychiatry from Cairo University;

successfully completed a Mastery of HR Studies Certificate Program;

Named one of the “20 most successful businesswomen to watch for in 2020” by  Global Insights Success magazine;

She is an author, and a “TED TALK & SUE Talk” Speaker;

Nominated-2018 & 2019 Women and Council awards;

Named   “National Authority on Diversity” by LA Business Journal;

Entrepreneur training program received Congressional Recognition;

Nominated “Woman Advocate” by CWI in 2017;

Recognized by “State Senate”, “State Assembly”, “Board of Equalization”;

Nominated  “Women breaking barriers” in 2016; 

Honored as an “Inspirational Woman” in 2015; Awarded “Diversity Insights award 2015” by the National Diversity Council and “Leadership Excellence award 2014” by hr.com;

USC Adjunct Professor for the “Multi-Cultural Executive Women Leadership” program;

January 2021: instructor for UCI (Corporate Consortium& Continued Education)  teaching DEI and Unconscious Bias.

She appeared multiple times on nationally syndicated radio 1100 AM KFNX news.

She gave speeches at University of Phoenix, UCLA, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State San Bernardino, SBA (Small Business Administration), Woodbury University, she also spoke at many conferences locally, in Canada and overseas.

SME (Subject Matter Expert) in National magazine articles as: Diversity Executive, Diversity Bar.

Business Advisor at PCR-SBDC a subsidiary of the “Small Business Administration”.

Sahar is the founder of “Sahar Consulting, LLC” and Reinvent Yourself to Greatness“.  Her book “49 things about Entrepreneurship” published on Amazon. Client list: govt agencies, public utilities, nonprofits, healthcare and educational orgs.

 definition of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

description of Unconscious Bias

People feel secure with people that look, feel and speak like them, and

feel threatened and fear from the OTHER … gender, color, country, or different sexual orientation.

Fear translates to reactions.

Our reactions are a result of incidents that cause the brain to recall previous similar associations from our earlier programming- our brain connects in a similar way by the trigger if we perceive danger if different people from different backgrounds; different things can get triggered.

Then we start seeing the world in a dualism way or basically US against THEM depending on who you are could be political, gender, race etc. we have a tendency to create a wall between us and these people internally without feeling it.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the biases that influence our perceptions, we can better manage relationships and resolve conflict.