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StéphProfile photo of Stéphane Compainane Compain 


CEO & Co-Founder @ LuxRelo   

Relocation & Immigration Services



    1. Entrepreneurship and the mobility sector

    2. Getting out of your comfort zone

    3. Doing business in a pandemic (focus on customer service, business development and marketing). Plus stay open to new opportunities

    4. The importance of online & in person networking

Stéphane Compain

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Understanding the challenges and problems that can be faced when moving to a different country for your work, enables us to work with you around your specific needs and make the transition as smooth as possible.

With our experience, network and connections, we know how to navigate the procedures, processes, rules and regulations to ensure you are compliant with all local protocols and don’t get caught out by any unseen or misunderstood clauses.

We can help you with:
Work permits and visas – for you and your family.
Finding you the perfect home…
Settling in and support..
School search for your children…
All paperwork and administration…
Spousal Assistance
Move Management

Our service is tailored around your specific needs and adapted to meet the specific and individual requirements that can be different in every case.

We are pleased to work closely with immigration & relocation partners worldwide to provide immigration & relocation program assistance on all continents.

We are a family run business so we know what it is like to move and take the family with you, that’s why we created LuxRelo…

To find out how we can help you, your team and their families, just contact me for a introductory discussion..

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