Through Edwin B Cohen, I met Steven Howard, author of Humony Leadership and a Top 200 Voice in Leadership 2023.

In the recent May, Steven heard me speak on my ‘PEACE Protocolfor C-Level Leaders at an event that Ed flew to London to produce and Moderate a conference, GLOBAL LONDON was Hosted by global trade bank HSBC inside their HQ at Canary Wharf.
Steven was the Closing keynote.  That encounter led to Steven inviting me to contribute to his event, ‘The Future of Work | The Future of Leadership’ on e360tv yesterday.  This turned out to be a live event simulcast on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku and others.  I was the only voice representing Europe.

Here’s my experience on Ed’s GlobalTVtalkshow multiple times, each time meeting business people I would likely never meet. 

Under Ed’s “wing” as a Member, GlobalPressClub …

Improve  your public speaking skills

Improve  cross-cultural communication skills
Improve  listening skills
Learn how to handle questions

Learn how to better use video

Grow  your authority and credibility
Grow  confidence + self- stature + presence (especially on-camera)
Meet   interesting people

The experience will open doors, create opportunity
You will gain global perspectives / acquire new knowledge

Simply, you just become better. Period.
Have fun in the process!

In my book, it’s #VALUE, an ED-ucation!

So, if you’re serious about speaking, tell Ed I sent you!

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Why do global executives need help with their spoken English skills?

This was the subject of my in-depth discussion with Edwin B Cohen .

We discussed:

– the challenges promotion can create for non-native speaking executives managing global #teams 
– the specific challenges speakers of different languages face with speaking English

– how a research-based programme can help them
– how non-verbal communication gestures can lose meaning out of context when we switch languages

We also explored Pronounceme‘s flagship programme, English Mastery for Global Professionals, which has created transformations for executives from many language backgrounds, including French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Hindi.

Watch it… our full discussion here!

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Sandra Corona, Expatology –

Saudi Arabia


Kerwin Guillermo,

HPE Singapore


Irina Yakimento,

Managing Partner – Intermark Relocation


James Moss, Founder & CEO AbsoluteRelo.com

London + New York


Global Talent Masterminds


Poland-based HR’s discuss talent


International business people discuss cross-border assignments


Resilience + Well-Being in the Workplaces; office, home, remote

and now something about me  …

In 1980 I relocated from Boston to LA.  Earlier, I had formed USBOUND™ Relocation Guides and recognized the need to experience a relo. Big Market awaited me…

Launched multi-edition (print/glossy) CALIFORNIA BOUND™.

Oct’84 produced #1 “live” conference in association with LA Chamber of Commerce; our keynoter was Chief of LA Economic Development.  We talked about the role of “relocation”. Event was sponsored by services providers.

CALIFORNIA BOUND™  conferences produced throughout the 80’s.

Interest rates were sky-high 12%-18%.

Guess what: people who could afford to buy a home were the corporate transfers because they could prove a guaranteed income. 

Realtors and Relocation services firms were my customers.  

LA Conference speakers included senior HR managers from Apple, Chevron, Paramount Pictures, Hughes Aircraft, TRW, Bank of America. Relocation firms, Century21 and key REALTOR Relocation Directors were involved. 150 registered; LA Chamber collected several new members new members. 

CALIFORNIA BOUND™ design and production was via Apple/MAC desktop publishing.
We were an early adopter; we were featured in tech magazines.  
#1 edition CALIFORNIA BOUND™ was published in ’81 and soon it became official newcomer guide LA Chamber.  Circulation was regional + US + global.   

In ’85 at LA CHAMBER I was introduced to a guy who was from Seoul, South Korea. 
We struck a relationship. He was a business broker and he informed me about the factory back in Seoul. Yes, we began printing the magazines in Seoul Korea and then later also in Hong Kong, cutting print costs by 60%.  Production quality was great, beautiful. Service was 1st-rate.  
We air-shipped 1000 copies each edition to speed distribution to most important clients; rest was bulk ocean-shipped into Port of Long Beach then we arranged for trucking to our offices in Beverly Hills.  Easy. Done. 
We became good friends; he invited me to visit Seoul and the factory. We went; stayed in the Hyatt on the hill above downtown. 1st class treatment all the way.  Wow. 
Across time production grew to over 100,000 copies.

Mid 80’s me and the team created/produced the #1 area guide video … actually it focused on young engineers needing advice about relo to LA’s beach towns, adjacent to the aerospace community, nearby was the very active LA Westside + CenturyCity + UCLA; a short distance was DTLA (downtown LA). 

My video partner was a well-known “Hollywood” TVcamera-man.

In his Mustang convertible we drove the beach-town streets shooting film/tape of the scene + impromptu street interviews I had with locals about living/working in the area. It was great fun and we developed a new product.

My #1 customer was Hughes Aircraft Company.

They used many copies for recruitment and relo assistance.

During 80’s expanded production to include San Francisco/Silicon Valley and also an edition called


Additional ….






We began producing “live” conferences in each market bringing together corporate users and various services/providers to lunch, learn, network.

’94 launched a newspaper (print) to better cover growing “global”.

I called it (CRN) Corporate Relocation News™. 

1st edition’s cover story featured the senior HR manager at TOYOTA USA, based in LA.

Content: The changing needs of companies; cross-border employment and communications across time, space, cultures.

NOV’97 we produced #1 global conference in London.

In NOV’99 we did Paris at LeMeridien Montparnasse and 300 attended.

Yes, we partied like it was 1999 and “Le Beaujolais Nouveau arrivé!”

2008 we began “radio talkshows”,

now called  


GLOBALHRnews™ GLOBALHRnews.com originally launched in ’01.

It was developed to talk about the growing needs of corporate HR to speak “global”. 

Advertisers made it a profitable venture. 

Today GLOBALHRnews.com continues within GLOBALBUSINESSnews.net .

2020 Pandemic came, 30-year “live” conference biz crashed.

In response,  launched GlobalTVtalkshows™ producing 770+ programs since Spring 2020… generating an audience of 235,000 (cumulative) in 100+ countries.

THANK YOU! Grateful.


The “beat” goes on…tune-in youtube.com/@globaltvtalkshow


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