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Relocation Directors Council

Presenting Colorado Springs and Broker/Relocation Director Harry Salzman;

Supplier Voices Matter; Relocation Directors and Brokers: Kathy Connelly / Teresa Howe


Canada Corporate Protocols Assignment Management;

Relocation Rental & Destination Services by  DIANE AYRES, President-  PORCHLIGHT

Publisher’s Memo 1:  We are developing RelocationCHAT™  and  RelocationPRO, 2 video products specifically designed for our clients: Brokers / Relocation Directors.  Each is a top-quality video talkshow presenting the person/team, the products/services, the destination. The difference; program content/length=price. Both are for long-term, effective public relations. Both “affordable”.

Publisher’s Memo 2about RELOCATION TVtalkshows:   

This “curated” intelligent Public Relations marketing tool is continually being designed for a 12month useful life, developed to specifically “fit” the desires and needs of our client (Relocation Director/Broker).

Further as a professional SERVICE to our client, after production of the initial version, as time goes by and market conditions change, and as IDEAS emerge, we offer this service …  further updates to assist clients in order to better help Brokers/Relocation Directors communicate clearly and more effectively to the home-buying public, to the corporate community, and directly to the related REALTORS and the corporate/personal relocation industry. 

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Bring together business people from across industries and silos, from across borders and cultures.

Using the low cost, effective tvtalkshow concept we are able to collapse time / space.

We make intros happen enabling talk and idea X.

Yes, we help people who enter as strangers, leave 

as friends… learning from each other, building rapport that could last years, if lucky.

We bring together business people.


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