​​Horst Gallo IBM​; 

Tessa Boone, FORD   ​;​​

Mark Bicocchi,   HILTON Worldwide;

Cata Mayorga, JD; DOOR DASH;

Kelly Rabbitts, Global Mobility Services;

Ciao!  Italy Relocation Association, a network;

Bavaria-based Birgit Heidenreich … Expat Business Club

UK-based Mike Hibberd -CEO, Global Expat Pay ​ ​

​Immigration/Germany-based Tobias Schönborn, visumPOINT

Immigration lawyer, Chicago-based Michael Turansick

Immigration lawyer, LA-based John Q Khosravi

Immigration law, Prague-based Veronika Pleskova, attorney;

Immigration law, CapeTown-based Lynn Mackenzie​;

New Zealand-based Bridget Romanes -CEO Mobility;  

​Research Triangle-based Heazel Trimer​​​

Luxembourg-based Stéphane Compain, Maryann Hrichak SF

Globally Agile  Robert Pianka

Nashville-based Robert Brizuela

Washington-DC SOJURN rental housing solutions, long-term

TempHousing; Texas-based Nina Taylor, TheSuiteFaith

Bonn + Moscow, + CapeTown + California

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