Corporate Assignment Management 

1st edition:     Jeff Houck, Kirsten Parmar, Mirela Marin

click   Assignment Pre-work  

o   Assignment objective and metrics (KPI) for ROI 

o   Role development

o   Compensation (uplift, hardship, Goods & Services)

2nd edition:     Jeff Houck, Mirela Marin, Michael Deane 

Assignment Readiness click 

o   Candidate selection and assessment  

o   Cultural readiness  / Language

o   Immigration / Tax 

o   Health & Wellness /Safety/ Duty of Care

o   DSP – Destination Service Provider

3rd edition:     Jeff Houck, Mirela Marin, Michael Deane   

click  Departure and In-location support

o   Travel

o   HHG  

o   Housing

o   Schools

o   Cadence and process for continued engagement with home business

o   Home visit

 4th edition   Jeff Houck, Mirela Marin, Kirsten Parmar 

Repatriation click 

o   Role exploration and positioning in home location

o  Winding down in host location

Maximizing ROI for business and assignee – measuring KPIs

o   Cultural re-integration

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We bring together business people.


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