Mobility Exchange, LLC 

Director of Learning Development

IAM Learning

Washington DC

“Back to the Basics”  

Ray daSilva speaks on

  • Blockchain and other Buzz Words Demystified
    • Lots of buzz about blockchain, interoperability and industry data standards but what does it mean for the mobility services industry
    • Despite the tech innovations made possible by robotics and artificial intelligence, things like autonomous trucks are still some 10 years away
    • Chatbots and AI assisted customer service may be cute but customers still appreciate a human touch and will for the near future
    • These tech innovations are tools to help us be more customer facing freeing us up from mundane tasks so that we can do what humans do best – relate with empathy.
    • Blockchain at its simplest is a distributed ledger – (explanation based on property deed transfers)
    • Moving and relocation transactions involve multiple service providers with disparate computer systems that cannot talk to each other
    • Current technology can solve the data interchange issues (interoperability) – technology is not a barrier
    • The challenge is overcoming our reaction to protect our competitive advantage which prevents collaboration and cooperation.
    • Efforts are already underway and advancing very quickly.  Mobility services industry has much to gain
    • It is estimated that some 20% of each revenue dollar pays for activities associated with tracking operational and accounting related information.  If we can reclaim just a few percentage points, it will have a huge impact on our industry, improve service delivery and lower costs to our customers


Ray daSilva started his career in the moving industry as a military moving consultant in Anchorage, Alaska in 1978. Ray quickly advanced to sales, managerial and executive roles at some of the industry’s leading companies including 23 years at the Crown Worldwide Group.

He was an instrumental team member leading efforts to develop some of the most innovative technology for the moving and mobility services industry including RedSky Mobility Solutions and IAM Mobility Exchange.

He currently resides in Washington, DC where he is President of Mobility Exchange LLC, a strategic consulting and technology company focused on serving the moving, relocation and mobility services industry.