What is organizational culture?

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David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL

David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL•  Human Resources Leader | Leadership Coach | Healthcare | Talent Strategy | Change Leadership | Patient and Family Experience | Innovation Culture | Higher Education

Three perspectives I appreciate on culture:

1️⃣ John Burdett and his brilliant book: The A-Z of Organization Culture (link below)

2️⃣ Dave Ulrich seeing culture through an outside/in lens as the desired identity of the firm in the mind of the best customers (links below)

3️⃣Rishita Jones MCIPD perspective:
I have heard it being called the character of an organisation. I have also heard it being referred to as an asset. Some have even said it should be considered a product.

Either way, culture is how things get done without conscious thinking and awareness. Sometimes we can’t pinpoint to anything in particular, yet everything is revealing to some extent.

1)What kind of humour do you see, feel and hear throughout the organisation? Is it light-hearted or dark? Is it lively or is it noticeably absent?
2)When you are waiting for calls to start, is there conversation and connection time?
3)Are people ready to walk out of the door or go offline as soon as it’s the end of their day?
4)How do employees interact – both big and small?
5)How do people deal with mistakes and failures?
6)What information is shared transparently and freely?

“We don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on surveys to assess culture. We just need to #listenmore and observe to what is going on around us. Sometimes it is not about what is being said and done, and everything about what is not being said and what is not being done” – Rishita Jones MCIPD

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