Olivier Meier
Olivier Meier• 1stPrincipal at Mercer | Helping Companies Go Global | Consulting, Data and Technology to Support Talent Mobility6 hours ago

A quick refresher on how to use design thinking to improve mobile employees’ experience:

In a time of rising employee expectations and talent shortage, fostering a positive employee experience is high on most companies’ list of priorities.

At the same time, mobility complexity is increasing: attempts to segment policies and individualize propositions for individual employee threaten to make HR tasks unmanageable if companies stick to the same old rigid processes. The benefit of digitalization itself will materialize only if it implemented in a user-friendly and human-centric way. More and more companies claim to put people at the heart of what they do, but without new approaches and ways of thinking, change will come slowly, if at all.

Design Thinking is one of these approaches. Its concept stems from product design engineering and is increasingly being adopted by HR teams to develop new processes, organization structures, and HR solutions. Similar to other concepts like Agile Management, Design Thinking brings a breath of fresh air to HR and talent mobility practices by leveraging approaches successfully implemented by other parts of the business.

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