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2 weeks ago

The use of flexibility in international assignment packages continues to gain in popularity. Yet, ongoing dilemmas raise questions about the use of flexibility:

Flexibility versus duty of care. Duty of care is the first limit to flexibility. Organizations should allow employees (or their managers) to make decisions that put them at risk or leave them with insufficient support. It is a question of compliance but also employee well-being.

Inconsistent experiences: beyond pure compliance, multiple options could lead to different employee experiences. If not correctly implemented, flexibility could undermine the consistency of the experience of mobile employees.

Total flexibility versus informed choice: excessive choices could lead to errors and dissatisfaction if employees do not have the right input and support to make an informed decision (especially about the long-term implications of their choices.)

Connecting flexibility with clear objectives: flexibility is sometimes introduced to follow market trends or to adapt to the new generations’ alleged expectations but without a real strategy and clearly defined business objectives.

Is it time to move to a more mindful approach and introduce a new care/flex logic?

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