Old School With New Tools By Dan Streeter and Tim Brown

Just thirty years ago, the phone and our feet were the primary ways sales reps reached potential prospects and clients. However, today we have a plethora of technological tools that can be utilized in the sales process. When you combine the “old school” consultative sales methodologies with the “new tools” of the 21st century, it is absolutely game changing. In today’s world, you need a solid understanding of both! Enter sales and marketing guru Tim Brown and expert in the art and science of selling Dan Streeter. In Old School with New Tools, authors Brown and Streeter walk you through big-picture practices to frame your mindset for building trust to specific rubber-meets-the-road habits and tactics that help you gain and maintain an edge. Using a martial arts theme, Brown and Streeter will show you how to get the extra 5% that takes you to the top of your sales game-and keeps you there. “Our approach provides practical, get-your-hands-dirtyPanorama Streeter and Brown wisdom, not high-level platitudes that don’t change beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors,” says Brown. “We share our knowledge of how the mastery of the small things, often overlooked in the sales process, provides that extra 5% that takes your sales to the next level.”

Old School with New Tools addresses:

  • Why sales are more challenging today than they’ve ever been;
  • How 5% more effort makes the difference between getting good results and great results;
  • The critical apps available to help you sell and how to use them effectively
  • Why you should never ask a “why” question in selling;
  • Why it’s important to always have a story to tell;
  • How to ascend to the next level of creating, maintaining, and growing the rapport and trust of clients and potential clients; .
  • ..And much more!

As the founders of Three Creative, Tim Brown and Dan Streeter have their sights on positively impacting the lives of millions of people across the world through books and life-changing leadership programs.