Negotiating across cultures

Creating successful diverse teams

Presenting your ideas persuasively

—- whether across cultures… or otherwise


8 Pacific, 11 ET, 12 Rio+SP, 18 Finland+Turkey+Riyadh+Tel Aviv; 16 London+Dublin, 17 CET, 19 Dubai, 20:30 India


Managing Director and Owner

Michael Gates CrossCulture

After many years at Richard Lewis Communications, I have a new beginning with my own business – Michael Gates CrossCulture – helping organisations get better results through improved cross-cultural, negotiation and team leadership skills.

I’ll still be working in partnership with Richard Lewis Communications CrossCulture and CultureActive, running train the trainer courses and engaging with Lewis Model and CultureActive licensed partners.

So, as the French say ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…’ I’m already really busy, so haven’t had chance to put up a website yet, but you know where to reach me

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Experienced director and trainer in the professional training and coaching industry.

Skilled in teaching and writing about the intercultural aspects of communication, negotiation, leadership and teams.

Scholar of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, Oxford.