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          11  October  23

M a s t e r m i n d s

Melinda Stallings


Steven Howard

Mexico City

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“Work and the workplace no longer work for a large portion of today’s workforce.

As a result, the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting trends have continued, accompanied by a third trend devastating workplace productivity, collaboration,

and results – resenteeism.”

Annette Dernick


Profile photo of Annette Dernick - Peace creates value

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach: 

Let me show you how to create value with peace in your company! 

Why is it important

to have high performance teams,

how this can be achieved,

and how to use professional feedback in teams

and for growth.


Speaker, Coach, Autorin
Dipl.-Kfm, Supervisorin (ausgebildet nach DGSv-Standards)
Rodderweg 181, 50321 Brühl
Tel.: +49 2232 157501
Mobil +49 172 873 7094

Andrew Elliman

Head of European Business Development, AGS Group

AGS Relocation


Owner of Stranger Expeditions, Motivational Speaker and Adventurer


I support clients in creating mobility solutions revolving around their international and domestic needs.

I have been involved in the Global mobility industry since 1986, working with mobility managers and HR teams to create and implement policy solutions for their employees relocating both locally and globally within the same organisation.

Paul Falcone

Los Angeles 

Bestselling Author 

Workplace Leadership Trainer 

Executive Coach

Int’l Keynote Speaker

HR Advisory Consultant

 A special note of thanks to my dream team of superstar subject matter experts who helped “Leading Through Crisis” come to life. . . Jacqueline Cookerly Aguilera from Morgan Lewis, Chris Olmsted from Ogletree Deakins, Henry Farber from Ranier DDR Mediation, Elizabeth Holman from The Holman Group EAP, and the one and only Eve Nasby (Given) from Band of HandsI’m so grateful for your friendship, mentorship, and collaboration–you guys rock! 

HarperCollins Leadership 

American Management Association 

Leadership Essentials


Association for Talent Development 

(ATD) PSHRA NHRA – Los Angeles (National Human Resources Association)

 Professionals In Human Resources Association | PIHRA 

Business Management Daily 

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Where are you when it comes to investing in your people’s leadership development?

Is it an everyday function?

A nice to have when the budget’s available?

Or have you never done it?

No alt text provided for this imageInvesting in your people’s leadership development isn’t solely about preparing for the future; it’s about improving in the present. It’s letting your people know they are in the right place at the right time and have a future where they can learn and prosper.

Effective leaders can do more for your organization and teams than you probably fully realize. Here’s a short list:

* They drive innovation,
* Lead the engagement with current team members,
* They help navigate your business through change, and
* They make everyday and strategic decisions that impact the bottom line.

People and how they are led are the lifeblood of any organization. Nurturing their growth and development should be a non-negotiable, everyday activity for any company aspiring to be successful and sustainable.

We need leaders, and we need as many as possible because our reality is that people lead without title and authority every day. If we don’t do our best to prepare others to lead, we likely lack a pool of capable leaders ready to step into key roles, ensuring continuity and stability and reducing the risk associated with succession.

Leaders also make critical decisions daily, and the quality of those decisions can significantly impact an organization’s success. Developing leaders with strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills leads to better outcomes for their teams and the organization.

So, take note of the fact that leadership manifests itself in several different ways. Ways that organizations come to rely upon. Ways that provide benefits while you sleep.

Building and developing leadership capabilities in your people is not only about the future and having a strong talent bench. It’s communicating to all your competent and committed current team members that you care for them and want to help them become their best.

Again, I ask. Where are you at with the leadership development of your people?

#ceos #leadership #development #execution

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How does your organization help neurodivergent employees succeed?
Neuroinclusion will remain elusive if managers don’t embed support activities throughout the employee journey.


How does your organization help neurodivergent employees succeed?

Neuroinclusion will remain elusive if managers don’t embed support activities throughout the employee journey.

Emily Russo, Ph.D, Dana L. Ott and Miriam Moeller explore the challenges faced by neurodivergent employees including stigma, biases, and lack of awareness about neurodiversity and then provide guidance to organisations on supporting them throughout the employee journey (see graphic).

The article “Helping Neurodivergent Employees Succeed” suggests various support steps, such as

creating inclusive job descriptions,

providing accommodations during the recruitment process,

offering structured onboarding programs,

implementing tailored development opportunities,

promoting equal progression opportunities, and

adopting performance evaluation practices that consider diverse strengths.

Acknowledgment: infographic from MIT Sloan Management Review and authors Emily Russo, Ph.D, Dana L. Ott and Miriam Moeller

Special thank you to David Green  for bringing this article to my attention- I highly recommend following David here on LinkedIn

Emily R. Russo is a board member of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and an industry fellow at the University of Queensland Business School. Dana L. Ott is a senior lecturer in international management at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Miriam Moeller is a senior lecturer in international business at the University of Queensland Business School.

#chro #management #leadership #humanresources #inclusion #diversity

Leadership goes beyond holding a position; it’s an experience.

There are hundreds if not thousands of articles and books that talk about how to become a better leader, but what about the emotional side of this?

As a leader, you go through trials, make decisions, and face demands that can make or break your company. What happens when you feel stuck? It’s a problem that often gets overlooked. It’s difficult to admit we are stuck. Pride. Ego. And maybe even delusion kicks in.

We are never alone in this “battle” called leadership. I refer to it as a battle from an emotional sense. Every day is a new challenge and stress. Leadership is inherently isolating. The majority of decisions, accountability, and outcomes revolve around you. It’s not just pressure; it takes a toll on your health, relationships, and overall well-being.

This is no matter. We’re talking about increased anxiety levels that lead to sleepless nights and deteriorating health conditions. You may have noticed your relationships taking a backseat as well. These issues aren’t just personal; they also impact the business from every angle.

Your team can sense your tension, which inevitably affects them too. A leader who feels stuck creates an organization that becomes stagnant. Employee morale starts to waver as they question their roles within the company; productivity declines while toxicity slowly seeps into the culture. What initially started as your own personal struggle ends up becoming a crisis within the company.

In the words of Seneca, “Challenges strengthen the mind just as physical exertion does the body.” Your temporary feeling of being stuck doesn’t define your life; it’s an opportunity to overcome and grow.

Firstly, acknowledge the problem exists and you cannot ignore it any longer. Ignoring it will only make it grow stronger. Secondly, remember that even the strongest individuals sometimes need support. There is no shame in seeking guidance, whether from professionals or loved ones. Lastly, take action. Adjust your strategy, change your perspective, or completely revamp your approach. Whatever you do, keep moving

You are a leader with emotions; you’re not a machine. It’s okay to stumble, feel overwhelmed, and get stuck at times. The sooner you see these feelings as signals rather than weaknesses, the faster you’ll regain your balance. It’s not about escaping from a situation; it’s about learning and growing from the experience so that you’re better prepared for future obstacles—because there will always be more challenges ahead.

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Image Credit: Judy Sims