5 Top Reasons why Leaders… or those who aspire to be leaders….
need Great Communication Skills…

It forms a chain of interlinked components, and each component is essential…

1) Team Building and Cohesion
– Communication your vision, message and directions clearly ensures everyone understands and is aligned. Failure to communicate with clarity is a guarantee of confusion of action and purpose.

2) Employee Engagement and Morale
– Clarity provides your team with a feeling of certainty and safety, lack of which have contributed to the Great Resignation. Feedback and employee engagement boost performance.

3) Decision making
– Being decisive, especially when aligned with the above two points, is a gives your team confidence, and fosters trust. Indecision in a leader leads to chaos, inaction and stress, resulting in loss of productivity and profit.

4) Innovation and Creativity
– Clear communication inspires your team to come up with fresh, creative and innovative ideas. They may not all work. But a confident team will always seek to improve. Without that confidence and encouragement your business faces stagnating in this fast paced world.

5) Conflict management
– Where groups of people come together there is always the possibility of conflict. A leader with great communication skills is likely to take preventative action, and should that not succeed, is still better equipped to find a positive solution. Without those skills conflicts will bubble away under the surface, and the business suffers.

Can you afford to take any of those risks…?

If you recognize any of the above issues, or you simply wish to ensure you’re the leader you’re capable of being…

Join my 5-week online Career Communication Training course, starting Wednesday 27th September…

Link to register is in the comments..

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There’s communication, and there’s empty noise…

We connect….or our words and actions bounce around like a pinball machine..

We all want and seek love, respect and connection…yet Edelman and other reputable sources report higher than ever levels of mistrust and feelings of isolation…

Is your workplace a microcosm of that…?

Do you recognize the following frequently reported issues…?

1) Lack of connection and difficulty building trust after prolonged distant working…?

2) Lack of feedback causing confusion and frustration, leading to sloppy performance….?

3) Information overload, with excess emails and messages, and non-existent quality control, leading to burnout…?

4) Discrimination as personal biases take centre stage, and some people are favoured over others, even when their performance doesn’t justify it – a commonly reported factor cited for ‘Quiet Quitting’!

5) Micromanagement. As poorly trained managers allow their insecurity to intrude and sometimes derail projects – leading to increased absenteeism and illness…

How would it be if you had the skills and understanding to read and really understand your colleagues and bosses, and know how to tailor your communication to minimise those issues…?

What value do you place on peace of mind…?

Care to explore solutions…?

Don’t miss out on my specialized ‘Career Communication Training.’ This comprehensive 5-part course, paired with an interactive workbook, is tailored to supercharge your career confidence. Dive into actionable communication strategies that promise transformative results. Ready to elevate your career? Click the link in the comments or drop me a direct message to enroll.

Act today and invest in your future!

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