Since 2000, Nick Ganzha has been helping international companies and also companies wanting to grow globally via fully-compliant employment of a skilled global workforce.

Acumen International has a proven track record. Nick Ganzha is a dedicated professional and entrepreneur whose main objective is to help you expand your business growth opportunities globally by eliminating your risks.

Nick Ganzha pioneered Express Global Employment Solution to meet the growing demand of global companies to have talented professionals worldwide in a quick, cost-effective and risk-free manner. 



Nick started his career and gained his business experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers and later he joined Accenture, a global consulting company (former Andersen Consulting), where he worked over a five years in Russia and United Kingdom. Regarding formal education, Nick holds an MBA degree in Finance from Moscow Academy of National Economy (under the government of Russia) and an ACCA (Professional stage). Nick has also earned a Bachelor in Linguistics (English and Arabic).  Finally, Nick is a serious student of marketing, continuously learning and constantly innovating the portfolio of Acumen International services in order to better enable the most professional response to client needs.

Nick said:

«I remember very vividly the moment when my company, at the time a local staffing agency, started gaining experience in employing people overseas. I personally and the entire Acumen team wanted to help our client so much that it helped us quickly discover a completely new opportunity, a new industry. This experience became the beginning …the growth foundation of providing global services.»

«Beginning in 2011, we have been fortunate to establish a global network across 190 countries. Simply, it means we help clients recruit and employ, provide benefits, manage  business expenses, and support the clients with anything they need to attract, retain, compensate, and support staff all over the world.»

«My personal dream was to build a global company. Now, by helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams to become global I’m fulfilling MY OWN DREAM.»