The IMPACT Group just released another great study on

what people experience in a relocation

A few stats worth highlighting…

> Nearly 80% of mobility leaders and CHROs said relocation failure can be correlated with emotional wellbeing.

> 3 out of 5 People said the emotional challenges of moving affected their ability to focus on work. 1 out of 5 said the effect was significant or very significant.

> Making new friends was a top concern for people before they moved, and feelings of loneliness 2x following the move.

“The hardest part was, and still is, making friends,” says one survey participant. Another shared, “I have never had trouble making new friends before, but this time it has been different. It has been very lonely.”

> 67% of people who relocated solo reported feelings of loneliness as high or medium after the move. Don’t assume everything is fine if mobile
employees never mention their struggle with loneliness.

> 56% of respondents experienced emotional or personal challenges that lasted three months or longer following the move.

> -70% would have benefited from additional assistance to help settle in & feel at home again

-Top 5 Concerns Before the Move: Making new friends, helping the family adjust, where to live, spouse/partner job, finding resources.

I could go on, but really, you should read the report for yourself.

(link in comments)

I appreciate Lauren Herring and her team’s work as they do a fantastic job keeping a pulse on insights that matter to the broader experience of living somewhere new.

If you expect people to move their whole lives to somewhere new for a job, then you need to make sure that you support them properly.

Benefits like:
➡ Destination services
➡ Coaching
➡ Community and Peers Groups
➡ Timely content to support the ups and downs
➡ Language and cultural training

Are CORE services.

Simply providing a bonus (lump sum) or a pack and ship is not enough.

We need to take care of the people we move.

Isn’t that what duty of care is all about?

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