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Global View from Tehran Iran +NWArkansas +L A. Can you imagine that?  I first met Dr Peyman Dayyani more than 10 years ago at the global SHRM event in Vegas. At that time he was based in Africa where he managed the NOKIA business interests. Since then he has returned to live in Tehran and has been a top business administrator at multiple private companies; a post he now continues. Back to our Vegas encounter, we just happened to be seated on the transport bus from the hotel to convention center. We struck-up a conversation. Dr Dayyani has been my special guest interview on our radio show, in our GLOBALHR magazine, and now he is on my GLOBALTVtalkshows. Our relationship continues today across time and space, across borders, across cultures. Tune-in and meet some others on the program…   https://globalbusinessnews.net/strvthrv-peyman-bruzzi-stev

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