MIKA CROSS is the Work/Life and Wellness Program Manager at United States Department of Agriculture

Ms. Cross and her team have implemented a creative and award-winning response to today’s challenges and seeing an opportunity, USDA strategic initiatives to achieve a Model Federal Workplace. And also, Diversity and Human Capital efforts as part of our Secretary’s focus on Cultural Transformation initiatives.

Mika Cross is a Human Capital policy strategist specializing in work/life balance, inclusion and employee engagement. Her background includes military personnel and federal civilian human resources management. She joined the United States Department of Agriculture in 2010 as the Work/Life and Wellness Program Director. She is responsible for program oversight and policy guidance for quality of life programs including Telework, flexible work arrangements, parenting and elder care support and healthy workplace wellness initiatives. She has also been instrumental in shaping key strategies in support of Secretary Vilsack’s Cultural Transformation initiatives.

Following 9/11, she helped develop workplace policy, doctrine and protocol within the United States Intelligence Community, for deploying a primarily civilian workforce in support of the War on Terror. This included the process for reintegration and the development of an employee family support infrastructure.

Ms. Cross served with the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer. She currently resides in Southern Maryland with her two children.