Michael S. Cadden, Managing Director of Living Abroad

Michael Cadden began in the Global Mobility profession with Craighead Publications in 1995. Soon after joining he became the driving force behind converting 1000s of pages of country-specific information from paper to online. With that success he later became a principle and Managing Director of Living Abroad LLC in 2002 and is behind its highly successful transformation, culminating with the acquisition of the legacy Craighead business in 2008.

He has created a number of breakthrough presentations and delivered them dozens of times in the USA, Latin America and Europe. Winning topics have included “10 Year Trends in Global Mobility” (05), “The Dark Side of Short-term Assignments” (’06), “Relocating Generation Y” (’07), “Technology and Global Mobility” (’08) “Technology vs. Global Employee Privacy” (’09), “Social Media for Global Employees” (’10), “Emerging Technologies for Assignees” (11), “Compliance Technology and Border Wars” (’12) and “25 Years in 30 Minutes” (’12).

He was named “Communicator of the Year” by Global HR News in 2007. In 2011 he was recognized as a SGMS (Senior Global Mobility Specialist) from the Worldwide ERC along with receiving ERC’s 2011 Meritorious Service Award. Michael is also the creator of the industry’s cartoon icon, “X Pat” Moose and has been overseeing the Moose Passport Program since its inception in 2004.