🔊- Sound On – Your Thoughtwork Template!
– Need to go from emotionally overwhelmed to thinking and feeling more rationally?

You’re in #globalmobility and feeling a lack of #selfconfidence and battling #impostersyndrome ??

I’m here to support you!

💡 Sharing my simple Thoughtwork Template

When something happens at work or a conversation didn’t go as planned or perhaps someone has emailed you something out of the blue ….

There’s events or triggers as such can really throw us! It’s tough to get through it and sometimes not easy to rationalise it…

So, Here’s a 6 mins masterclass on how you can do Thoughtwork any time of day no matter where you are.

I do this with my clients and so you’re getting a great insight into how I support my clients when they need to:

1️⃣ Regulate emotions
2️⃣ Rationalise a situation and their feelings
3️⃣ Challenge immediate imposter voices
4️⃣ Balance their mood that’s coming down
5️⃣ Feel immediate self-confidence

Which one do you need support with??

All of them?!

Then this Thoughtwork Template is for you!

Split into 3:
– Feelings
– Thoughts
– Beliefs

Watch me reframe from unhelpful to helpful.

Try it out!!

Watch the full 6 minutes for your full mini coaching session masterclass!!

And yes this was real for me this week… Coach still = irrational and emotional human 😊

If this looks good to you… then you already have a taster of how I support my clients with simple and yet easy and effective #mindset #strategies.

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Sending kindness and compassion to you during this exercise. ♥️☀️

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