Mark A. Bicocchi Senior Manager, Global Mobility, Hilton Worldwide


1)      Global Mobility Policy Changes & Evolution

  • How we approach sensitive topics like how we define an accompanying dependent, “family size”, who is authorized, etc., how we define “domestic partner” from a Mobility & Benefits perspective, etc.
  • Industry differences regarding exception management and control – certain industries have tighter reigns on policy, while others seem to follow a more “open” approach.  Commercial world vs Government contractors very different.

2)      Carving out “a seat at the table” for your Mobility Program

  • How do we continue to drive Mobility’s value and create more awareness within our organizations on what Mobility is, how we can support the various functional areas with expertise, guidance, etc., and connecting all of the dots with our suppliers and internal stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder buy-in

3)      The importance of Technology and Assignment Management in Mobility

  • Many organizations light years ahead of others – still many out there using very manual processes to track; this damages opportunities for compliance and duty of care
  • One key is obtaining buy-in from leadership in enabling the program to purchase feasible technology to allow effective tracking from a payroll & tax perspective