MARI-LIIS GARCIA, mobility facilitator to B2B clients; HELMA International

My story

After being born and raised in Estonia (the small high-tech country just below Finland ;), having gone to a pro-French school, having studied English Language and Literature – all while working and training at the same time – I decided to pack my things and move to Paris.

I faced the challenge of starting from scratch: finding a place to live, finding a job, learning the language, making friends, facing the French bureaucracy, building a network… I couldn’t have done what I did without my past experience.

Coming from a small country and being a part of a small nation, pushed me to always aim higher and better.

It has taught me to be proud of my background but also made me understand that the world is very big and to succeed, one needs to adapt to it.

Having practiced high-level gymnastics (the ribbon and hoop kind) for 18-years, has led me to be extremely determined and goal-oriented.

Per aspera ad astra!

It has taught me to never give up, to work in a group, and to motivate others.

Having coached gymnasts and taught languages for almost seven years, has made me understand that I love passing on what I know and can do.

It has made me realize that helping and guiding people so that they could reach their goals, is something that thrives me every day.

I now employ these strengths in managing successful employee transfers, developing relocation processes, and helping the relocation business to respond to the changing needs.

Being curious allows me to tackle challenges every day and meet new and interesting people.

I believe in sharing experiences, transferring knowledge and know-how from one area to another, and testing new approaches.

If you think we have something to exchange or if you think I could accompany you in your arrival to France, then feel free to contact me.

I’m only an inmail away.