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Chief Development Officer

Kenneth has more than 20 years of senior-level experience in the real estate and hospitality space at firms such as Oakwood and Silverstein Properties. At Primestone, he is responsible for creating the customer experience that the firm delivers to corporate housing clients and their guests, and developer/owner relations for its furnished apartment business. Kenneth’s market knowledge and operational expertise have made him one of the most respected voices in the industry. His expertise spans corporate housing, travel, relocation and hospitality. He is involved in a number of local and international organizations, including ERC, CHPA, NJRC, and NYCORP. Kenneth stays close to his Norwegian heritage through his participation in the American-Scandinavian Foundation, Innovation Norway, and the Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce.


Primestone Partners, a New York based, advisory and housing management firm, has launched Primestone Housing Solutions: a new concept in luxury, extended stay living, designed to accommodate the changing preferences of relocating executives, government staffers and insurance, travel and entertainment industry guests.

Primestone Housing Solutions is led by hospitality/housing industry veteran Kenneth Flornes, Primestone Partner’s Chief Development Officer. It has already assembled a portfolio of luxury furnished apartments in 36 US markets and in more than 16 international locations.

“Our clients—major corporations, government agencies, foreign consulates, insurance companies, television and movie productions—select Primestone to deliver a white glove experience to their relocating executives and staffers,” said Mr. Flornes.  “At the same time, our technology is able to improve their expense management and internal productivity as well as delivering greater transparency and accountability.”

David Essex, Chief Operating Officer of Primestone Partners, added: “What we’ve built at Primestone is an extremely client-centric, nimble organization. Our Housing Solutions group is led by one of the most experienced corporate housing/property management teams; supported by the latest technology; and backed by Primestone Partners, whose principals have a deep understanding of how to deliver scale solutions to large organizations having led them in past lives.”

Primestone’s technology enables corporate clients to:

  • Search for and book global properties.
  • Set parameters for the types of units and pricing that will be shown to their guests.
  • Assign unique booking codes for different departments, divisions or subsidiaries.
  • Better manage experience via custom invoicing and direct billing.
  • Reduce internal costs by allowing guests to use self-serve technology to play a greater role in the leasing process.

Primestone has developed advanced end-to-end digital technology that enables employees/guests to:

  • Search for specially curated, luxury furnished apartments, using any mobile device.
  • Explore neighborhoods, buildings and amenities as well as individual units.
  • Arrange their arrival and move-ins, set up amenities (furniture, cable, cleaning services, etc.) and report maintenance issues via voice assistant: “Alexa, have Primestone get a plumber.”

Guests can choose from a broad selection of modern, fully-equipped apartments in the most desirable locations. All Primestone furnished apartments feature state of the art WiFi, voice assistants as well as designer furniture, high-end appliances and top-of-the-line fixtures. Many properties also include doormen, fitness centers, pools and parking. Guests can count on our white-glove, high-touch service approach which includes 24/7 maintenance and on-call personal concierge services offering recommendations and reservation assistance for dining, travel and healthcare.

In the current COVID-environment, cleanliness and hygiene have taken even greater importance. Primestone’s Stay Safe Program incorporates industry-best practices for cleanliness and hygiene, as well as technology and telemedicine options to assure corporate partners, and their guests, that accommodations are clean and safe. In addition, all team members, cleaning staff and outside vendors are regularly tested for COVID exposure.

For more information on Primestone Housing Solutions and its inventory of properties, please visit:

About Primestone Housing Solutions
With more than 40 years of hands-on experience in temporary housing and hospitality, Primestone Housing Solutions team helps corporate clients and their team members increase productivity and efficiency, while improving expense management and their employee-guest experience. In addition to experience, Primestone Housing Solutions differentiates itself by offering the best Inventory, white glove service and advanced technology. For more information, visit

About Primestone Partners
Primestone Partners has two primary businesses: an operating company that is creating new, extended-stay housing solutions for corporate, government and developer clients and a senior-level advisory practice focused on mortgage, real estate and technology clients. The principals at Primestone Partners have held senior management roles at leading investment banks, PE firms, GSEs and at global and U.S. real estate operations. They have built companies, led multi-billion-dollar financings, engineered turnarounds and launched start-ups for major financial institutions. For more information, visit

SOURCE Primestone Partners

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