March 8

starts 12noon California

International Women’s Day IWD


Dr Lynn Schmidt

Boise, Idaho

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My New Book … It’s time for all of us to become antisexist by challenging sexism, championing women’s rights, and creating equality. Let’s create a more equitable world for women and girls. 
Award-Winning Author
Intl Keynote Speaker
Executive Coach
Leadership Consultant


Elizabeth Espin Stern


Partner and Head, Global Mobility & Migration Practice at Mayer Brown LLP

Liz is a trailblazer who has spent her career helping companies manage their global staffing needs to attain a competitive advantage.

In today’s corporate culture, Liz focuses on enhancing companies’ ability to move their professional and executive corps “anywhere, anytime” with ease.

She considers the distinctive trademark of her immigration and mobility practice to be maintaining resilient global compliance across HR disciplines – a challenge that a firm like Mayer Brown, whose leadership is committed to helping clients achieve transformative value in the management of their worldwide work corps, is uniquely suited to meet.

Liz Espin Stern

Steven Howard

Mexico City  

Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders

Expert Global Leadership Skills Development, Education

Leadership and New Manager Coach

Leadership Wellbeing

Author of 21 Books

Book Coach


Natalie Forest, PhD

Hamburg, Germany

I want you to welcome every day peacefully and excited!

Leave your anger, resentment, depression issues fall away.

Become the best you can be. Declutter your mind, focus more.

Start today moving forward. Let me show you how to not only forgive others, but yourself as well.

Through a process of life transforming sessions I will do my best to guide you to a place that you will be comfortable with.

A place where you can start living the life you desire and deserve.

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Adriana Fuentes Diaz

Mexico City

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Directora de Cuentas Marketing-Publicidad- RRPP

Autora de: When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen



Yvonne Dam


Yvonne Dam

Private coaching for ambitious, hardworking business owners who want to at least double their income while reducing their working hours, attracting their dream clients in abundance and becoming the CEO of their life!

Barbara Ulmer





Founder / CEO, BU Language and Learning Center; Triple Language Master supporting busy executives with language and culture


Elizebeth Varghese

New York

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Global & Americas Leader – HR Transformation Services 
IBM Consulting 
Mobile: 646-983-9291


[Block]Chain Reaction: The Future of How We Live and Work by [Elizebeth Varghese]

“In her ground-breaking new book, Elizebeth calls on leaders and talent evangelists to usher in a new age of connection and collaboration. Insightful and easily understood, this book will help you thrive.”
—MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There