Jeff Tulloch, Vice President, PlanSmart® & Business Advantage at MetLife

Jeff Tulloch is Vice President of MetLife’s PlanSmart® & Business Advantage organization.

Financial wellness has become an essential component of today’s benefits package. Promoting wellness through education and personal decision-making support can help employees reduce financial stress and absences while increasing productivity. 57% of Employers agree that offering financial education to employees has a positive effect on productivity (from MetLife’s 12th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study).

PlanSmart® is a financial education series that meets the diverse needs of employees by providing objective and financial education they need and the professional resources to help them take action toward meeting their goals. Through an extensive menu of onsite workshops, and optional personal consultation, we connect employer benefits with their employees’ financial objectives, resulting in increased benefit utilization, appreciation and overall loyalty. The program is available nationwide to help ensure that all employees benefit from the same resources through a consistent message no matter where they are located. And PlanSmart is easy to administer, with no cost to the employer or their employees.