James Moss, Founder and CEO of Absolute Relo (AbsoluteRelo.com)

James Moss is an industry veteran who is bringing Absolute Disruption to the relocation industry. It’s AbsoluteRelo.com and It’s for Everyday-People; for Corporations; and for Companies, big and small. It’s an App, It’s a Website, It’s also Humans available when you need them. Pick and choose your list of services, à la carte! It’s for anyone, anywhere, on any budget, pay-as-you-go.

James Moss is the Founder and CEO of Absolute Relo (AbsoluteRelo.com). You can find James’ Facebook page at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-duncan-moss/

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AbsoluteRelo is an Online “Pay-As-You-Go” personal relocation service platform and Mobile Web App, fully supported by our local expert ReloAdvisors.

For “Lump Sum” Corporate Assignees and others who are responsible their own relocation and costs, our flexible online service cuts traditional corporate relocation costs by up to 80% or more.