Helen Watts, Re-entry Coach for Expats

Expat re-entry expert, Helen Watts, is Ed’s special guest.

In Helen’s words:
I work with expats returning to their passport countries who are trying to make sense of their overseas experience, their change in identity, the chaos of their transition and where they’re going next. I help them bring closure to their time away, to take control of their life during their readjustment, and to move forward with a new sense of confidence in who they have become and what they offer to the world.

I spent several years overseas, hence understand transition as expressed in re-entering your own culture, or adapting to another culture. I am a mum who understands what it feels like to lose your identity in motherhood and to have to work out where to go next once the children start at school – overseas or back “home”. I am also trained as a debriefer for those who come back from overseas or out of other challenging situations.

WattsYourPathway provides understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during their reentry experiences into their home culture enabling them to grow and thrive.

I can offer:
– 1-3 hour debriefing sessions for returning overseas workers (including contact before they actually return if desired)
– More on-going debriefing sessions as required
– A series of life coaching sessions to help people who have relocated “home” from living abroad make the most of the opportunity provided by their transition, helping them through the overwhelming times and finding direction for the next phase of life.
– Seminars on Transition for groups of returnees
– A combination of the above according to people’s needs
– An online course helping you finish well and preparing you for returning to your home country (see media below)

I administrate a Facebook Page for dialogue for Repatriates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReEntryStories/

Specialties: Repatriation, Expatriation, International Relocation, cultural transition, debriefing, spirituality, identity, well-being, life balance, Enneagram