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Hi Ed,

Yes, I’m all good for our chat.  Thanks for the invite.

I’m COO in two companies, both on LinkedIn:

Armor Research Company, https://www.linkedin.com/company/armor-research/mycompany/?viewAsMember=true

Focus on law enforcement protection with ballistic armored shields.

Focus on military with ballistic, rifle rated body armor.

Armor Mineral Company, https://www.linkedin.com/company/armor-mineral/?viewAsMember=true

Focus on providing critical minerals to strategic industry in support of national defense requirements.

For our time together, it’s probably best to focus on ARC.  The additional website is helpful, www.armorresearchco.com.  The video section captures part of a recent federal agency law enforcement conference in Wash DC.  Randy Sutton’s commentary, with ARC’s video, should put you in the mood for our conversation.

The challenge today is the rapid rise in armed violence across the USA.  Especially in urban areas.  This has included a record rise in active shooter incidents.  It’s in the news every other day.

  • Law enforcement is faced with deadly force situations which require improved protection while also enabling effective engagement.  Having light weight, high caliber pistol rated, versatile shields available for police in cars, motorbikes and available for use in high traffic public venues is now more important than ever.
  • We can talk about the challenges facing law enforcement in terms of active shooters and uncertain situations.
  • What are the causes and future outlook.
  • The importance of compact response shields.
  • Where and who should use them.
  • The benefits and how lives can be saved.

An easy, conversational time together.  Let me know what you think.  I’ll be available to chat before the call.

See you in the morning!


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