Hi Ed,

Sharing some bullets for the conversation. It is unlikely that we will have an animation of the ECA/GEP by then.

One of the drivers for the deal was to continue our journey to make things simpler and better for our customers. This is proving to be particularly helpful for companies with relatively small programs (under 100 assignees). The challenge is that the smaller the program, the more senior on average the assignees tend to be.

Could we focus our chat on this theme?

Some bullets:

  • Small to mid-sized global mobility programmes are the majority (up to 100 assignees).
  • They have the same support needs as larger programs but generally lack the internal resources and expertise
  • They therefore rely heavily on external support.
  • The support costs per assignee tend to be very high as they lack purchasing power
  • There average assignee tends to be more senior putting additional pressure on the function

What are we doing to address this challenge?

  • Global Expat Pay provides the operational foundation blocks for global mobility operational business processes (operational data, payroll simplification, finance recharging, tax compliance simplification, payments)
  • This digitises most of the operational processes freeing up internal time and reducing external costs without licence fees
  • Our focus is on making the assignee and business process better
  • We have partnered with key global players to offer an integrated approach to address other key challenges
  • Location data, cost estimates, policy advice, balance sheets – ECA International addressing the structure and compensation elements of an assignment
  • Banking – HSBC Expat offer a simple corporate sponsored banking solution for assignees. In most locations, this allows a local bank account to be set up and funded in advance of the assignment
  • On demand payroll calculations – Certino – where host payrolls cannot calculate net to gross calcs, these can be supplied on demand.
  • Payments – Western Union – an integrated global payment capability at a lower cost.

We have collaborated with these industry leaders to provide the opportunity to get a best-in-class digital outcome at a price point which reduces support costs for smaller programs. All of our partners share the passion to make the process simpler and better through a customer centric approach.

Don’t want this to come over as salesy – rather to illustrate that there is help out there for these smaller programs.

Happy to answer any questions you have about the ECA strategic investment in GEP.

How does that sound?

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Mike Hibberd

Founder and CEO

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