Caterpillar's Dr. John Pompe and Chestnut Global's Dave Sharar

Executive Interview on Corporate Strategy; Using International Employee Assistance

..a historical perspective conversation with Caterpillar’s Dr. John Pompe and Chestnut Global’s Dave Sharar

Caterpillar Inc, a Dow-30 company with global operations, had been experiencing a decline of the effectiveness of their international management and it was discovered that employees and families while on assignment experienced work-life related situations/problems that negatively impacted job performance and therefore company profitability. Working with their Employee Assistance Provider, Chestnut, together they developed a plan and implemented it and this resulted in measurable success for the company but moreso for staff and their families.

This interview broadcast goes into detail about the problems and the solutions developed and still working today. The Caterpillar Expatriate Family Support Services is discussed openly for our listeners benefit.