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Parent Advocate  Tillie Elvrum 

Special Care/Needs

iCode  K-12 accredited


MICRO-education concept Tamara Beckett

K12 accredited 21st century learning; The Bridge School’s Julie Taylor 

You are invited to be involved on a tvtalkshow some day when you are ready for “your close-up”. To assist you, we provide “prep” guidance and media coaching because our job#1 is to “have a good show” and that means creating a positive atmosphere for you, your brand, your messaging.

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Brands with a Marketing Budget coupled with a strong desire to display their logo and video message in association with TOP QUALITY programs across 12months are the “winners”. 

Google Analytics has measured 135,400 audience-pageviews since startup in Spring 2020 thru November 2nd, 2021 from 100+ countries, including 70% US, Canada, Mexico, Brasil; 20% Europe; 1% Tel Aviv, Dubai, Saudi, Africa; 9% India, Singapore, HK, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, Australia, New Zealand.

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