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Learn about the pandemic’s mutations including DELTA VARIANT and learn about how the VAX is supposed to work; Dr I Messaoudi Powers; Professor Immunology, UCI

Alzheimers, Parkinsons;  Dr Howard Federoff -neurology expert/world renown cofounder/BoardMarkColo + Dr TimKern (blindness/Diabetes)

Toronto exec, Larry Linton talks Parkinsons; managing himself/others impacted

David A Hall  MA, MHA, PMP, MIS/IT

TAMP is about Doctor/Digital Health Innovation Healthcare 4.0

CEO, CCO Chief Community Officer & Co-founder Newark, Delaware USA

TAMP is a core team of 10 and an extended team of nearly 80 that includes Founding Advisory Doctors, Diverse Expert Advisors, and Doctor Angel Investors that joined forces to put doctors back at the center through digital innovation so in turn they can lead an even larger doctor movement that will result in better wellness and well-being for everyone on the planet.


Doctors … 4th culture Doctor movement; global Medical Doctor validation; the emerging tech platform.

Such an honor and privilege to take part in today’s Plenary Assembly and Annual Conference, the EUROPEAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION EMA, in Brussels Belgium Dec 19th, with Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, MD to discuss the 4th Culture Doctor Movement An Evolution, share TAMP Inc. AMPdr™ role in transferring and application of knowledge including real life experiences especially for an aging population, preventative wellness & well-being as well as to announce the formation of the Global Medical Doctor Validation Association #GMDVA and talk about the vision and mission of GMDVA to provide the framework and standards for validation in a sustainable and scalable mode. We look forward to our global strategic alliance between GMDVA, EMA and our existing/future association alliance around the world.