In 1980 I relocated my business/family from Boston to LA.

I had formed USBOUND™ Relocation Guides and recognized the need to experience a relo.

Going further, we launched an appropriate new business that would eventually become a group including the multi-edition (print/glossy) CALIFORNIA BOUND™.

In mid-Oct’84 we produced our 1st meeting and presented in association with LA Chamber of Commerce; our keynoter was Chief of LA Economic Development.

We talked about the role of “relocation”.

Remember, at that time interest rates were sky-high 12%-18%. Guess what: people who could afford to buy a home were the corporate transfers because they could prove a guaranteed income.

Conference speakers included senior HR managers from Apple, Chevron, Paramount Pictures, Hughes Aircraft, TRW, Bank of America. Relocation firms, Century21 and key REALTOR Relocation Directors were involved. 150 registered; LA Chamber picked several new members. It proved to be our conference launch vehicle. CaliforniaBound™ production was via Apple/MAC desktop publishing. We were an early adopter; featured in tech magazines. 1st published (print/glossy) in ’81 CaliforniaBound™ became official newcomer guide LA Chamber, becoming our largest distributor to the world +LA region corporations.

In ’85 we began printing the magazines in Seoul Korea + HongKong, cutting print costs by 60%. We airshipped a thousand copies to speed distribution; bulk ocean-shipped into PortLongBeach then trucked to our offices in Beverly Hills.

Mid 80’s we produced #1 video …relo to LA’s beach towns, adjacent to the aerospace community. My partner was a “Hollywood” tvcameraman. In his convertible we drove the streets shooting film/tape + street interviews with locals about living/working in the area. #1 customer Hughes Aircraft Company.

In LA ’94 we launched a newspaper (print) to better cover growing “global”. (CRN) Corporate Relocation News™ 1st cover story featured the senior HR manager at TOYOTA USA, based in LA. Content: The changing needs of companies; cross-border employment and communications across time, space, cultures.

NOV’97 we produced #1 global conference in London. In NOV’99 we did Paris at LeMeridien Montparnasse and 300 attended. Yes, we partied like it was 1999 and “Le Beaujolais Nouveau arrivé!”

2008 we began “radio talkshows”, now called

GLOBAL HR newsmagazine™ originally launched in ’01.

Today continues within more important than ever.

Spring’20 “live” conference biz crashed; we launched GLOBAL-TVtalkshows™ producing 400+ programs since Spring 2020;  reaching-out to and connecting with almost  170,000  audience pageviews from 100+ countries.

THANK YOU! Grateful.


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