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Maryann Hrichak, MA

Strategic Global & US Immigration Practitioner 
“Human Hyperlink”
TechWomen Impact Coach
Certified Cultural Mentor
Published Author & Editor
Life-long learner 

I am so honored and delighted to have served another year as a TechWomen Impact Coach for the TechWomen Spring 2022 cohort!

Having the Emerging Leaders physically come to the SF Bay Area for this hybrid program now really cemented the in person mentorship advantages.

Working with Team Jordan on their Impact Project, Her Way, aiming to teach financial literacy and soft skills to 16 – 18 year old public high school girls in Amman, really solidified the team’s dedication and commitment to truly making an impact in Jordan. My team was so intelligent, informed and knowledgeable about what Jordan needs.

I was also VERY impressed with the various pitches from the 20 different countries that participated in this Spring cohort.

Don’t YOU want to be inspired by all that is possible?

Come be a mentor for TechWomen!

A new cohort is arriving this fall so make sure to follow for the timeline and application deadlines.

Hands down, this has been one of the BEST professional and personal experiences of my life!

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Maryann Hrichak

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