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Your opinion matters. What say you?

Global business is a ‘megatrend’ better enabling development of diverse people and economies worldwide resulting in an expansion and rise of a global middle-class, and, a growing pool of global talent for ‘smart companies’. With that activity across borders, time-zones and cultures, a keen awareness …a ‘global mindset’ has become popular. But, not everyone has received benefits from globalization as we know from the news. Yes, a gap has developed…imbalances have been created so let’s get it right because no one should be left behind. This is not about a “kum-buy-ya”…but is about doing good for business by taking care of people… customers / consumers / taxpayers. It must be a win/win situation.

I say let’s build a series of private/public partnerships for the purpose of developing worker retraining for specific functions/skills, and further, to create a “moonshot” attitude theme utilizing the various media available, implementing “upskilling” throughout companies and across communities. From this “campaign” effort would be funding compensation for the displaced. To balance things, governments need to simplify and adjust tax codes.

Doing so would be good for business. What say you?
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