LEADERSHIP in the new VUCA  

C-suite leaders must display

V    VISION; clearly/actively speak about the company purpose

U    UNDERSTANDING; show/display they “get it” about employee issues/concerns

C    CURIOSITY; need everyone’s input – employees, customers, suppliers

A    AGILITY; because everything is now and will continue to be changing, evolving

Dr. David S. Weiss, ICD.D is an author, innovator, speaker, executive coach and consultant.

He is the President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd., a firm specializing in innovation, leadership, and HR consulting for many Fortune 500, social enterprise and public-sector organizations.

Innovation is a key source of competitive advantage, but it remains frustratingly elusive for many organizations.

This book shows you how to close the innovation gap by making individuals and organizations systematically and sustainably innovative.

You will learn how to embrace a culture of innovation and make it permeate every level of the organization.

You will find a clear road map and practical tools to redefine your workplace’s culture, identify and tap into the existing innovative intelligence, and develop leaders who can close the innovation gap for greater business success.” (Amazon)


David has provided coaching and consulting on more than 1000 business and organizational projects on five continents including in Canada, USA, England, Holland, France, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Russia, China, Malaysia, Uganda, South Africa, and Chile.

He delivered over 200 conference presentations and he has written over 60 journal and trade articles.

He is the author or co-author of seven books including Innovative Intelligence (Publisher: Wiley, also available in Chinese and Persian) which was reported by CBC News as a “top 5 business book” in the year it was published and Leadership-Driven HR which was listed by the Globe & Mail Report on Business as a bestseller in the year it was published.

Previously, Affiliate Professor of the Rotman School of Management, Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University, and VP and Chief Innovation Officer in a multinational consulting firm, David currently is affiliate faculty at the executive development programs of Schulich School of Business, the Lassande School of Engineering, and the Sobey’s School of Business.

He also is a Certified Director with the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D).

David’s doctorate is from the University of Toronto and he has three Master’s degrees.

He has been honoured by many organizations globally including by the Government of Canada with the “Distinguished Lecturer” certificate, by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress with the “HR Leadership Award,” by the Institute for Performance and Learning as the first lifetime “Fellow” in Canada, and by HRPA with the fourth lifetime designation of “Fellow HRPA.”

You can download many of David’s innovation and leadership articles at www.weissinternational.ca/articles, read a comprehensive Wikipedia article about David’s innovative concepts at wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Solomon_Weiss, and join over 15,000 followers/connections of David’s on Twitter and LinkedIn.