Robyn Vogels

St. Kilda … (Mel-binn) …  Victoria, Australia

International Relocation Specialist – Project Management – Global Network – Author


An experienced business owner, who values honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Global mobility is a natural fit for Robyn and her first-hand experience can not be replicated. She herself has lived on four continents, and nine cities. Moved with babies, then toddlers and now settled with teenagers, Robyn can relate to just about any relocation. It is this life experience, that sets her service apart from other relocation service providers.

The depth of service Robyn has created in her business is hard to match. From high touch and comprehensive relocation management to D.I.Y Self help books for those who are making their relocation budget go further.

Robyn started Personnel Relocations from the table of her service apartment, just a few weeks after arriving in Australia – although her fourth international move, Australia was proving more difficult than she thought.

Today, the company has an effective business model and has installed technology to provide relocation advice to anyone, because Robyn strongly believes that relocation is about PEOPLE helping PEOPLE.

Robyn’s success lies in the value she has placed in long term relationships with her clients and partners. “We look after families long after the boxes have been unpacked and our clients appreciated that if they need something outside of our core service, we offer partners they can trust.”

Since 2008 Robyn has been at the helm of her business, managing local destinations services with her team across Australia and orchestrating global moves for both corporate and private relocations. From car seats to condition reports, there is no end to the lengths Robyn and her team will go to for their clients. As much, or as little as they need.

As a natural helper and communicator, Robyn continues to grow a business that is accessible to everyone. Sharing her knowledge through writing books empowers others to make the right start in Australia.

She says; “There are many sad stories about people who quietly struggle in their new country, some because they have family pressure from their home country, others who’s partner is not happy, or they are not recognising the impact of migratory grief and loss, these are the ones who need help too.”

Robyn’s books and her service go beyond just moving people.

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