Dr. Bernard Curtis

Breaking the mold on Leadership concepts and training, Dr. Bernard M. Curtis, author of the popular book, “The Affirmation Principle” is Ed’s very special guest.

Take a look in any bookstore, whether on line or brick-and-mortar, and you will find dozens, even hundreds of books on leadership. But the focus of most of these books will be on the mechanics of leading. But leadership is more than the act of leading. Leadership is about the quality of relationships and influence. In The Affirmation Principle, Dr. Bernard Curtis advances the proposition that organizations can bring out the best in people and achieve extraordinary success by understanding how to lead and care for the human spirit. Dr. Curtis begins by presenting the business case for the importance of organizations to understand the benefits of valuing people. In part one he explores the unstated contract between employees and employers, describes what organizations must do to connect with their people, and challenges leaders to have the courage to change. In part two, he shares a new concept and model of leadership based on human-affirming behaviors and sound humane principles. In part three, Dr. Curtis shows how leaders’ value to the organization can be measured, how they can become more accountable, and what they can do to bring out the best in their people. The Affirmation Principle offers some keen insights into the leader-follower relationship. This book provides some new tools to help the serious leader take their leadership thinking and skills to the next level.

Bernard M. Curtis is an expert in the field of leadership and organizational development. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from California State University and his Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management and Development from Upsala University.

He also earned a Doctorate degree in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University. Dr. Curtis is currently the president of Human Development Strategies, a leadership training development company.

Along with his current leadership role, Dr. Curtis has been a professional teacher, educator and developer of organizational leaders for more than 20 years. For more information, visit: hdstrategies.com