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… across Cultures, Borders, Time, Industries                 


What’s the most important item(s) a global project manager should focus on?

US view, MidEast, Africa, Japan, Italy, Germany, Brasil, Greek?

                                                                                     Female vs Male?

30 yr old vs 45?  view; Nordic view; Japanese or Korean view; Mexican   Covid?

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Ali Shami, Founder & Leader, FTD Global; Retired Boeing Sr. Manager. Public Speaker

Ali Shami

I’m a life learner, resilient, hard-worker, clear thinker, and limitless individual who loves to help people!  I enjoy public speaking, coaching, mentoring, and creating new things but absolutely love to help people discover their true potential and enjoy surprising myself of what I can do and be.  Ask me about my life journey from being a civil war survivor into a successful American.  I am grateful, always!

Christian is Coach to Decision Makers.  Closes your Culture Gap.  Passionate about your Global Growth Making you better at Challenging your notion of ❝normal❞. Speaker.

  The Culture Guy

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Christian Höferle